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    Your favorite MJ song!

    Since there is a thread to least favorite song of MJ I wanted to make a thread of favorite song! You can have more than one favorite if you want! I am curious what everyone likes and want to compare the differences! Have fun! :) I will start... Thriller, Human Nature, She's Out Of My Life, Off...
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    What is your favorite MJ era?

    I want to see how many people are similar in picking their favorite MJ era and the differences they have! You can have more than one favorite era! I will start my favorite is Off The Wall and Thriller! :D
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    Reactions when you see MJ!

    I came up with a new idea and I believe its a good one! Share how you react whenever you see MJ! Express your feelings and please be clean! No dirty thoughts! I will start first .... A lot of times when I see him my hand tingles and I feel sensations! :)
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    What is your favorite MJ album?

    Hey everyone, I wanted to start a thread to see what albums people like best! I hope this thread is useful and enjoy! Some people like the older stuff better and some like the newer stuff! :D
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    What is your favorite phrase that MJ says?

    I thought of created this thread because I wanted people to express what phrases they love and wanted to see everyone's opinion! I hope this thread is useful!:) I will start; mine is he he he!!!
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    Rate That MJ Album!

    I thought of starting a thread about his rating his albums since there isn't one at all! I wanted to see what people liked best! :) I will start; Thriller?