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    The "Leaving Neverland" Rant & Support Thread [Merged]

    It only shows that people are sheep, really. I’ve seen people have proof of his innocence right in front of their faces and they still say they don’t care. As sad as it is, that’s always going to be a reflection of who they are. I can sleep peacefully at night knowing I did my...
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    The "Leaving Neverland" Rant & Support Thread [Merged]

    Personally speaking, the documentary infuriated me at first, but then it became comical once I saw just how easy it was for everyone to debunk the foolishness. I don’t see it negatively impacting Michael like some people love to claim, “facts don’t lie, people do.” has never rang more true to me...
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    Cirque du Soleil 'Michael Jackson ONE' permanent Las Vegas show

    I went to see this show!. I saw the actual HIStory statue the estate had put up in the hotel, too. A girl got emotional, lmfao. And the theatre is BEAUTIFUL. So many photos of Michael and everything. Not to mention their merchandise is amazing.
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    How much time you're a fan of Michael Jackson?

    My entire life for me, if you can count it that way. My aunt and uncle LOVED Michael and they played his music around me a lot. I remember being really small and watching Moonwalker on my mom's old vcr, and I remember whenever I used to go to my grandparents house, my grandpa would put me in my...
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    Rethinking Invincible

    I'm not sure what's going on, but in my opinion, Invincible was pretty solid, except he could've kept those unknown rappers (minus Biggie) on the songs and replaced one of em with Tupac. That would've been so dope.
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    Any anxiety/depression sufferers here?

    I found out I had anxiety a few months when I had a breakdown over the mere thought of turning 18 this year and starting college. I suffer from depression and ptsd due to traumatic incidents that occurred when I was really young, and then another one happened almost five years ago. My family...
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    Christmas 2015

    This time of year always makes me happy and reminds me of this. :') he was so adorable.
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    Arnold Klein Dead At 70

    It was a shocker this morning, but... I guess. I can't say I wished for this, but I don't really care. Some fans were getting mad at other ones for saying they didn't care either, but it's not like Arnold cared about Michael when he was doing the damage. I don't know why people act like you're...
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    June 25th... 6 years missing Michael

    I'm so late.. but this day has been so..surreal. I remember this same Thursday six years ago and it's It's been that long. Time flies, but that sadness doesn't really go away, ya know?
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    What is Your Race/Ethnicity?

    Re: Which ethnicity are you? I'm 75% black with hints of 15% Pacific Islander, and 5% of Native American and White each.
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    [Discussion] Sexual Abuse Claims Against MJ Estate - Robson/ Safechuck/ Doe

    Re: [Discussion] Wade Robson files claim of sexual abuse against MJ-Estate If Wade is doing this partially (and I'm glad I'm not the only one who had thoughts about it) because he didn't get as far as Michael said, what I'm not understanding is why take it out on the person who gave you the...
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    Bruno Mars - Michael Jackson Tribute at Zanzibar

    I don't know about the rest of you..but I have loved Bruno Mars since the beginning. :wub: he literally is the only artist at the moment who I can say isn't trying to be another celebrity. You know how everyone says things like, "Lady Gaga wants to be Madonna.", or "Beyoncé wants to be Tina...
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    Tom Sneddon dies of cancer

    Wait, I haven't been in here a long time, but to come back and see some people preaching that whole empathy for Tom thing... why? Tom didn't care when he was coming for an innocent man. He didn't care when he was falsfiying evidence and tearing Michael's life away slowly but surely. I don't get...
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    Beyoncé Will Receive the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at the 2014 MTV VMAs

    I'm happy for Bey...but what about, as most of you have said...Missy? What about Aaliyah? Damn, what about Jodeci? Can't nobody f with Jodeci. Lawd..the innovators are getting skipped. MTV is passing them up like Christ passed up Cisero. :D But I'm still happy for Beyoncé. I remember she was one...
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    Oprah Holds MLK Portrait Drawn By Michael Jackson

    I think there are if you type it in the google search engine. And yesss. It's like Michael could do everything! Goodness gracious, it intrigues me. I can't stop saying...woah. xD
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    R&B Hall Of Fame Induction 2014

    I'm happy for him ^-^ and hopefully next year Aaliyah gets inducted too. But back to the subject. Why is Joseph going? Shouldn't the kids go?
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    Debbie Rowe follows Ian Thomas for British TV

    *dies* IS THAT JUSTIN BIEBER?! Let me stop... xD I can't take Debbie and this Bieber reject seriously.
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    'Charmed' Actress Rose McGowan Insults Michael After Fans Said She Looked Like Him!!

    It's funny you call me naive. My belief isn't naïveté. Once again, you misread and mock. But I'm not too surprised. I see you doing this a lot. No one's getting uppity. You just need to know how to respect people's views. Thank you so much! You said it all perfectly!
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    The Confessional

    You know what...*crawls on thread* I think I have some awkwardly funny confessions to make xD For the MJ related one, laaaawd, one time my mom and I were at the grocery store and Rock With You came on. The thing was, it came on while I had to pee REAALLY bad, but I stayed and squirmed around...