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  1. Kurt

    Sign The Book Of L.O.V.E.

    Sending you all the love from the bottom of my heart may we never part they took you too soon. xxx Kurt Wright Glasgow Scotland xxx
  2. Kurt

    How Do You Get Into Contact With Celebrities?

    You can also sign up with for $6 a month they have just about evey celeb address, ive being a member for a while now and had great success.
  3. Kurt

    MJ programmes on UK this Christmas!

    Thanks letting us know looking forward to watching all.
  4. Kurt

    The Truth About MJ as a Humanitarian!!

    Re: Every fan needs to know this TRUTH about Michael!!! Michael was an awsome guy its probably true to saythat he was the only person that ever cared about the world.
  5. Kurt

    Let's share each others dreams

    Thats a very nice drawing i always try to live my dreams to the max and when MJ died so did that dream i have so many the one dreams that i wouldnt no wear to start. I Guess ive always dream of making a number 1 record or staring along with Johnny Depp in a movie that be a dream come true.
  6. Kurt

    Kissed before?

    I must have being about 13 when i had my first kiss, i had a crush on this girl that lived around the corner from me and we always hung out together until she moved futher down the street sometimes i feel responsiable for that then after that day i never seen her again.
  7. Kurt

    Least Favorite MJ Song??

    Say Say Say & The Girl is mine i hate they 2 songs not just because Paul McCartneys in them but there just dont apply to michaels style.
  8. Kurt

    The Truth About MJ as a Humanitarian!!

    Re: Every fan needs to know this TRUTH about Michael!!! Thank you for sharing this with us :D
  9. Kurt

    What a Bargain!! (Michael Jackson Books)

    Thanks for the advice i think once ive read moonwalk i want believe anyone says about MJ as i will soon have read the true story.
  10. Kurt

    What Are You Listening To?

    Re: What are you listening to? I't dont matter if your "black or white" :) Michael Jackson Black or white
  11. Kurt

    HANSON!(yes THAT Hanson!!) pt 2! :)

    im a massive hanson fan i have everything theyve brung out :)
  12. Kurt

    What a Bargain!! (Michael Jackson Books)

    Last week a started my new job working for Harper Collins Book Publishers and some of the workers there where telling me that did some michael jackson books so i took a pop into the staff book shop and came across to michael Jackson books i didnt have The Final years of Michael Jackson Unmaske...
  13. Kurt

    Official: Tickets are selling in historic pace!!

    I better hurry then i havent even got round to booking my tickets and i dont get paid until friday
  14. Kurt

    Thank you for the friend request xx

    Thank you for the friend request xx
  15. Kurt

    Whats your msn name?

    Mine is "The Lost Boy"
  16. Kurt

    Got Pets??

    i have 2 lovely cats here is a pic of them the black one is called salem & the Ginger & white on is called molly.
  17. Kurt

    New AMAZING Michael Jackson Book!

    Awsome i have to get a hold of this book thanks for the info :)
  18. Kurt

    is anyone feeling the same

    Yes i feel the pain, and sometimes still cry over him but i know not all these tears are of sadness there as also happy ones happy, that michael can finally rest in peace without the tabloid bugging him but yes i miss him truly and mostly every day theres not a day that goes back that i dont...
  19. Kurt

    Picture of Michael Jackson 8/08 [HQ pics in post #44]

    Re: New picture of Michael Jackson (finally, a real one!) [HQ pics in post #44] Lovely photo thanks for sharing :) Damn i miss him more than anything in the world. :(
  20. Kurt

    Michael in disguises

    Its a shame that one has to go that far, why cant everyone life a normal life no matter who u are in life.