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  1. Kurt

    What a Bargain!! (Michael Jackson Books)

    Last week a started my new job working for Harper Collins Book Publishers and some of the workers there where telling me that did some michael jackson books so i took a pop into the staff book shop and came across to michael Jackson books i didnt have The Final years of Michael Jackson Unmaske...
  2. Kurt

    Michael With Eye shadow?

    Hey guys i was just wondering if anyone had photos of michael wearing eyeshow from the bad- Dangerous era heres one of my favourite be really grateful if anyone could help me find some more thanks Kurt
  3. Kurt

    Just Waiting on Blood on the Dance Floor Now

    Hey guys.. I went and bought all MJs albums again they've all arrived apart from Blood on the Dance floor. Cant wait to get it. I got History (2 CD Set) for my Birthday along with MJs Number 1's DVD and a massive Holgram Framed poster of MJ doin the Moonwalk photo looks like it was taken durin...
  4. Kurt

    £25 ON Michael Jackson Magazine

    I dont believe i just spend my last £25 which was too last me until tuesday on these magazines, I had to get them they were low in stock :)
  5. Kurt

    Mission Completed :)

    Hey guys your not gonna believe this i went into town today i the pouring rain just to gewt some fresh air and out of the house. Didnt really have anything in mind that i was after, so i went into a music store and pick up the special edition of "off the wall" CD for £4 and THRILLER 12" LP For...
  6. Kurt

    The Good Looking Women Thread

    Okthis ones for the guys, ladies feel free to join in if you like, Guys the ladies have already made a thread good looking guys so i thought id start one for good looking women i'll start use off. Jennifer Love Hewitt (The Sexiest women ever haha) sarah michelle gellar
  7. Kurt

    Michael's Clothing

    Im sorry if this has already being posted or the wrong place for this place move if duplicated or wrong place I was browsing for pictures of the Jacksons to make a dvd menu and i came across this site which has replicate clothing that Michael wore just thought it share it wilth you all and...
  8. Kurt

    Glasgow Fan Gathering?

    Hey guys i was just wondering for those that live in glasgow and cant make it to london or like to save some cash if anyone like to meet up on the 29th August and do something for michaels Birthday. :) Or if anyone wants to meet up before/ after and do someting thats also cool.
  9. Kurt

    I hate reality.

    Dont you think life sucks not only because MJ was taking from us so soon. But its full of pain. misery and Questions.. most ppl would say thats a way of learn but one question leads up 2 another, wouldnt be much easier if we all knew the true meaning of life why are we all here surely everyones...
  10. Kurt

    Whom on this forum shares the same birthday as you.

    Just found out that 10 other ppl on this fourm share the same birthday as me my birthdays on August 21st and the following ppl are sharing it with me Soulful'Lady'Jazzy'T (28), MJsAngelOfMusic (28), durrson (28), MsLadyD (28), Billie Jean (26), Kurt (25), je57 (23), Betty The Boop (20)...
  11. Kurt


    i just won the Auction for the gate fld edition of bad (The Album) on 12" Vinyl brand new for £6 :)
  12. Kurt

    An Angel Without Wings "Michael Jackson" I Love you!

    Right now these are the exact words that come into my head, Dear Michael You where the sweeties kindess man alive that god has created and in such sort notice you where taken from us, so many smiles you put on our faces through the good and bad times in my lifes you where there for me...
  13. Kurt

    I cant sleep :(

    Its now before almost 48 hours since i last slept the last time i got a decent sleep was saturday night at ever since i woke up everything went down the hill , im finding it really hard to sleep as i have so much on my mind that i cant put it aside without something else popping up. If feel...
  14. Kurt

    Just for fun!!

    Im trying to cheer myself up and just for fun since now i will never got the change to meet Michael in person i created this photo on photo shop you all know Meat loafs song "Id do anything for love" look at the pharse on the photo. lol If anyone would like there photos with any star just...
  15. Kurt

    The Happiest day of my Life

    Despite all the problems i've had in my life the happiest moment of my life must have been when i met meat loaf at a met and greet section in 2007 having being a fan of Meat Loaf all my life this would make any Meat Loaf fans dream come true. Thats me on the right , my best mate stuart on...
  16. Kurt

    My Life Story I need Help :(

    Ok guys this will take a while to read so i suggest you grab ure favorite drink and ure reading classes. Guys I really need your help but in order to tell you alittle about about my backround this is a very deep and perosnal story of my life.. It may change the way the you look at me but i...
  17. Kurt

    A Weird Mixture of Music

    Ok my friends ask me to write up a list of all the bands i liked and i blow them away with a weird taste in music as they said. heres every single band i like not in order of likeness Michael Jackson Aerosmith Bon Jovi Black Sabbath Meat Loaf Britney Spears Kiss AC/DC Bryan Adams Korn...
  18. Kurt

    My 6 year old nephew lol

    the other night i had my sister and my nephew up whos only 6 years old, i was listing to michael jackson, when my nephew picked up my cd holder with all my Michael Jackson Discs in it and try to put it in his bag i went made because i dont lend my MJ discs out to anyone i told him if he wants...
  19. Kurt

    An Email I received last night! :)

    I was browsing thru my unread emails and found this "Dear Kurt, After our long chat we had last night about michael Jackson, I felt your pain and came to understanding how much Michael meant to you, At first i found it a bit hard to believe when you said that you left michael was the only...