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    Heya, this is me, if any of you remember me.

    I realise i didn't come back after the death of Michael, this is as i was dealing with my terminally ill grandfather who passed away on the 4th of February so i have had to get myself through this. Hope some of you remember me.
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    Getting Braces/Quad Helix

    Heya can anybody tell me what kind of things to eat and drink that wont cause my teeth to ache as my jaw is bruised. Thankyou so much, and also suggestions for chaffing between cheek and brackets.
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    Results Exams

    This is the place to put your results that you got in GCSE's or A'Levels etc. Mine are for my GCSE's English – B English Lit – B German – B Geog – B History – B Biology – A Physics – A Maths – A Art - B
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    Rihanna's Disturbia

    Even though i normally don't like her work i love disturbia and the video is quite cool too, very refreshing tune i think, and thankfully not what i would call majorly main stream. Love it ^ Here's a comment xsehrah (19 hours ago)...
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    Do you think that outsiders (non-fans) think of the fan community of Michael Jackson as a cult?
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    Im going to be away for the next week!

    Im going to Rome on holidays, will miss you guys and be back on as soon as possible!
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    > MJJCommunity Leaders! <

    I am just posting up a reminder of the MJJCommunity issues poll to find the 4-5 MJJCommunity leaders who will liaise with parties if a problem arises between two members the link is: Voice your choice and recieve 50 rep points from...
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    all peeps doing exams. GCSE's, A-levels, Scottish Lowers/Highers etc.

    All people doing exams at moment (inc. me) good luck and hope you do well. Please come here to relieve any stresses etc so you feel clear headed in order to do your best.
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    I've found another MJ fan in my year at school!

    I am so exited he added me as a friend on facebook and I saw his interests in music and MJ was there so I sent him a PM, and he PM'ed me back saying yes I am! Waahoo! Sorry had to type up!
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    Do you think that?

    Do you think that Ryan White's family are still in contact with Michael?
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    Join the Chat !! we are lonely :(

    Hello everyone, make sure you check out the new chat function, it is good and we could have a chat party!