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    My MJ song.... Hello everyone, since Glee did the MJ tribute and all, Glee karaoke for iPhone added some of the songs, so I desided to sing this one... Hope you like it.... :) PS, I am not the greatest, But I try... :)
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    I made this Video For Michael...

    Hello Everyone, how are you all doing? Sorry I don't post much on here, but here is a video I made a few days ago.. I wanted to do something from the heart and also what Michael stood for... He was so caring and loving.. Please enjoy...
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    My poem to mj. 1 year without michael.

    I can't believe a year has passed, with so much tears and hearts still sad. I wish you were still here with us, to here you laugh and sing your songs. God has you now and safe you'll be, with love so great the angels sing...
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    my dreams about michael.

    hello to all, ever since after michael's passing I've been getting really vivd dreams about him. like for instance, I was really feeling low about a lot of things and telling everyone about my feelings. I went to bed and I put on his music while I was thinking about stuff. keep the faith came on...
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    michael passed on the day of my graduation!

    after my graduation ceromany I went home and ate kfc. I was really happy that I graduated and, so I went upstairs to my house. then I got a call from my brother and he told me the news about michael. I turned it on and I felt weak and numb from it. I was feeling happy to sad and I layed down...
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    I know this is silly to ask!

    does anyone know if michael snored when he sleep? has anyone he knew said so. just wondering.
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    I spoke to michael jackson on the phone!

    hi guys, not sure if this is the right section. a few years ago my friend who worked for michael and is in the business, put him on the phone. I couldn't believe it, all I remember is michael saying I love you to me. I was in total shock. I reget not saying it back. I've been having gult since...
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    I'm new here.

    Hi, my name is aitana lopez and I am new here. I live in New York and I've been a mj fan since I was very little. I also sang his song been at my school a few years ago.