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    Blood on the Dance Floor Single Picture Without "Blood on the Dance Floor"

    Hi, Does anyone have this picture of Michael without the text on the top?: Thanks!
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    HD Pictures of the Billie Jean Video?

    Hey, does anyone have HD pics of the Billie Jean video? :D. Thanks.
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    Documentation of Michael Jackson's Dance Style

    Michael Jackson, one of the pinnacle and greatest dancers of all time, and one of the greatest entertainers in the world. A man that created his own type of dance style and incorporated dance moves from dances such as Jazz, Tap, Popping, Locking, Hip-Hop, Mime and Ballroom dance. A type of...
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    Michael Bodypopping?

    Are there any videos of Michael full on bodypopping like people do in hip-hop these days, I know he does waving in This Is It but wondering if there are anymore? :D. Stranger in Moscow is bodypopping with his own style, and I know he also does waving in several Billie Jean performances along...
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    Rate the Song Above You

    So I thought I'd start a little fun thing to share people's music tastes and to rate people's songs out of 10, I'll start off :). yre5nBXAxyk
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    Pictures of Michael Playing Instruments

    Thought all of you might like to see :D, I found them on MJ's wiki talk page. Just a few... there's more here:
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    What type of Dance Style is "You Rock My World"?

    It's one of my favourite choreographed routines from him, if not my favourite... but I am not sure what type of style it is, seems very unique... just can't put my finger on it.
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    Sammy Davis Jr. Doing Bad and Dancing Like Michael :D, hope you enjoy that, and I hope that hasn't been posting before.
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    What happened to it? It's been off for a year now! I loved that site. Anyone know?
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    HIStory Statue?

    I was wondering if you could get a HIStory statue like this: But in a minature version, they look so cool and it would be awesome to have it like on my PC somewhere :D.
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    What type of Video Games did Michael Play?

    I remember Michael used to say that he played video games... and of course he had his own personal arcade in Neverland, but did he ever say what favourite games he thought were and any titles in particular? I'm sure he liked Sonic because he worked with Sega on 'Moonwalker' which was a...
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    Strong words from Michael... "No matter what, the most powerful thing in the world is the human mind; and prayer, belief in yourself, and confidence and perseverance, no matter how many times you do it... you do it again until it's right, and always believe in yourself and no...
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    (I Like) The Way You Love Me - Discussion

    Anyone heared this song yet? I looooveee it :D. Much better than 'The Ultimate Collection' version.