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    MJ Numberplate - quite cool

    My friend ordered a new company car for one of his employees and check the numberplate it came with. MJ LOVA ? I thought it was quite cool although not perfect, would love it on mine with a space after the J and no space before the O.
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    Pre Orders through

    Okay, now I'm not normally one to kick up a fuss and complain, however. The day the album was announced, I pre ordered myself a physical copy straight away from the official website. I thought the whole point of pre ordering was so that I would receive the album maybe a day or...
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    Disgusting newspaper article - digs at mj kids

    I dunno who brought this into our house, it has a poorly sketched photo of MJ on the outside and says 'Why fame can be a toxic inheritance P13' It goes on to talk about the Oprah interview and I stopped reading when the women wrote how the kids looked like casper and paid tribute to a father...
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    Anyone member here a lawyer/familiar with the law?

    The gist of my dilemma is that my Audi S8 was stolen from a dealer a few weeks a go whilst it underwent repairs and their insurance company will not pay out. I just wanted to know more about my rights and their responsibility towards my car whilst it was in their care and who is responsible...
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    If anyone fancies a laugh...

    What the hell are these clowns playing at? I was just discussing with a friend what we thought was the best music video of all time, we both agreed it is Smooth Criminal. Then conversation turned to what could possibly be the worst, I remember seeing...
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    Simon Cowell MJ quote

    I brought a magazine from WH Smith, I think it was written by Tito and on the back cover it had a quote from Simon about Michael, it was a really good one that basically said noone else will ever be able to touch Mike, but I forgot the magazine somewhere :( Anyone know the quote? I wanted to put...
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    The corner store man vs. Michael Jackson fan and we won!

    Taken from the official Michael Jackson websites forum. I read this and it made me smile so I thought I would share it: LJMISSMJ: The corner store man vs. Michael Jackson fan and we won! Hi Family - This morning I stop by my neighborhood corner store to get a cup of coffee. While the owner...
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    Michael Jackson mini online Movie

    I saw this link on a car forum I am on where it lets you star in a film if you upload a picture of your face. I couldn't find one of myself on my computer so I put up a picture of Michael I had saved. I didn't know what the video was about when I put the picture of Michael up, but it seems very...
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    Vote for Michael!

    Just for a bit of fun really, this won't go towards the actual BET award!
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    Someone gives Martin Bashir what he deserves, kinda...

    Didn't really listen to the interview so not sure what its about, and that cat, ermm don't ask!? But this guy obviously saw how Bashir was trying to twist what he was saying etc... and took appropriate action.
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    Michael Jackson - Gangsta (No friend of mine)

    Cannot believe I only just discovered this song, is it new to anyone else? I really like it, Michael sounds amazing in it. I love it when he says 'I'm the new gangsta'
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    Click here to stop bbc3 calling mj '*****'

    We all know how upset Michael used to get when people called him *****. So I find it ironic that BBC 3 who are doing this program to tribute/honour Michael have called him 'J****' on the show. I know someone from the BBC and he said people take notice if they get enough complaints. Please do...
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    Have you got any Michael Jackson facts?

    I thought it would be cool to make a thread about MJ facts, so you can't put ( Michael is gorgeous ) because thats an opnion. If you have any good facts please add them to my list and lets see how big we can get it! Heres goes: Is the biggest selling artist of all time. (750 million before...
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    Michael Jackson - A lover and a fighter ?

    I haven't read Katherines book yet, but I hear that she wrote that Michael took Karate for several years, and the way Michael moved like lightening... Well, lets just say that Jarvis Cocker better count his lucky stars Mike was on that forklift when he came up on stage. :cheeky: Heres a link to...
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    Where have you heard Michael...?

    I got peckish about 1AM and saw an advert for Tesco (Two tubs of Ben & Jerries for £3.00) So off I drove, I was listening to Escape in the car and MJ talks about wherever he goes he sees his face etc... Well when I walked into Tesco they were playing Ben! Just wanted to share that with you lot...
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    Self proclaimed...

    King Of Pop? I'm getting tired of hearing and reading this everywhere. Did Michael ever proclaim himself the King Of Pop? Or are the media just trying to undermine him as always? I have always understood it as ET that gave him the title which sort of stuck with fans etc...
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    Michael Jacksons Cars !

    I found this on Autotrader when browsing, my sister whos on here too (Michael Jackson Moonwalk) told me to share it with you all, enjoy!
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    Is Michael Jackson the biggest selling artist of all time?

    Before his death he had sold 750 Million and the Beatles and Elvis were a little ahead with One Billion. But after his death he surely made up and surpassed 350k more sales did he not? I think the This Is It album alone should guarantee him this. Am I right? If so does anyone know where it is...
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    Uk fans, sky news now

    They just said they are about to show a exclusive preview of the new Michael Jackson film.
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    Has anyone noticed...? Michael says Chamone at around 2.07 in the This Is It track in the song, I Love it. I have never heard him say it like that before. :D