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    Do you think the Cascio tracks are strong enough to be on "Michael"?

    Let's cast aside any doubts over the legitimacy of them and vote on whether or not you think Keep Your Head Up, Monster and Breaking News are strong enough, musically, to be on the album. I can't see any option to add a poll for some I guess we should just discuss instead. My vote: no.
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    YouTube comments...

    Almost make me despair for humanity...if this is any indication what the next generation is going to be like, we're bloody screwed.
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    Anyone watching E3? New Xbox 360 console.

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    Which operating system do you use?

    I use Windows 7 x64 / Ubuntu x64 dual boot. This should be interesting...
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    Excessive Police Force - SWAT Raid

    Take heed of the warning. - They killed one dog (and maybe another?) that was apparently caged and obviously of no harm. - A child was present in the house and they didn't know prior to entering. - Suspect turned out to be only a light drug user, but ended up with a full on SWAT raid, dead...
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    A thread for the ladies.

    What type of guy do you prefer? lol. :lol:
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    Who is this man?

    I've seen him with MJ in quite a few videos, so does anyone know who he is?
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    Keep The Faith

    I love this song, it's so about you?
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    67 year old beats the crap out of younger "man".

    WARNING: contains strong language. Nice to see him put the moron back in his place...all bark and no bite. He must be like 3 times his age! :lol:
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    Something I've always wondered...

    Why is it that when you type "Michael" into Google, "Michael Buble" and "Michael Mcintyre" are placed above MJ in the list despite the fact that they return 8,150,000 & 1,490,000 results respectively, while "Michael Jackson" returns a whopping 143,000,000?! Maybe it's a conspiracy?! :ph34r:
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    I need your opinion... after getting a girl's number, how long should one wait to call her? My friends have been telling me to wait for a week, and that sounds ridiculous, wouldn't she assume that you were no longer interested, lose interest herself and then probably find someone else? Take into account...
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    Wow, can you outsmart this? It even got Latoya Jackson! :cheeky:
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    Michael booed? Is this actually true? There were stories of the same thing happening at the 2006 WMAs but that was a complete lie.
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    Peter King

    What happened to him after saying the inexcusable things he said about Michael? Surely he couldn't get away scot free after making such slanderous statements...? It was despicable.
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    MJ on a bus...

    I'm not sure where to post this, so I'll post it here... Can anyone post a link to the video of this image? I remember watching it on YouTube once, and I think it's something to do with Sony and Tommy Mottola... But I can't find it now...:(
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    What should I use to make GIFs?

    Either a program or website, I don't mind... I used to use GIFninja, but the GIFs come out too small. So basically I just want something free that can convert a small video clip into an animated GIF, and leave no watermarks or anything like that.
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    Michael became a "recluse"?

    People claim that Michael became a recluse around the late 80's, not doing interviews and the like, but really? I see more interviews and public appearances around the 90s' than any other decade, even though it was very tough for him for obvious reasons... What's your opinion on the matter?
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    Think back to 1991...

    When Dangerous was released... What was it like at school, college, work or wherever you were at the time? Was it highly anticipated? Was everyone talking about it all the time? Stuff like that... I wouldn't know because I was -2 years old.
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    Do you think he's sexy?