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  1. Speed_Demon19

    You know you're obsessed with MJ when...

    when at your previous workplace you used to blast mj cds all day until they were scratched and ruined... then after he passes your boss rings you to tell you he bought a new album and is playing it non-stop while all your work colleagues reminisce about you moonwalking all over the place... (i...
  2. Speed_Demon19

    You know you're obsessed with MJ when...

    this is friggin hilarious. i love it :D 23.) You spaz on anyone who says anything negative about him, then launch into a gigantic rant with EVERY FACT that ever existed ... me to a tee lol :D
  3. Speed_Demon19

    Harry Connick, Jr. upset over MJ and Jackson 5 "racist" stage act here's another example of how aussies are unintentionally racist.
  4. Speed_Demon19

    Harry Connick, Jr. upset over MJ and Jackson 5 "racist" stage act

    I honestly put the misinterpretation of 'blackface' down to their inability to mix paint well. They should've stuck to their medical fields. And guys, they weren't TRYING to insult anyone. They were just... stupid.
  5. Speed_Demon19

    Harry Connick, Jr. upset over MJ and Jackson 5 "racist" stage act

    He said they can not 'afford' to be racist... pretty different to what you interpreted methinks.
  6. Speed_Demon19

    Happy Birthday Michael Jackson :We Miss You Michael

    Happy Birthday Mike you better be rockin' out in heaven ;) Love you forever and always, Emjay xox.
  7. Speed_Demon19

    L.A. County Coroner Findings

    i'm so fucking angry.
  8. Speed_Demon19

    Bashir Interview with MJ

    agree with everyone thanking rsw22 on the awesome post. summed it up brilliantly...
  9. Speed_Demon19

    Did Michael let us down with his drug addiction?

    nope, because it wasn't his choice to die. it was some fucked up, incompetent doctor's fault. sure if he O.D'd on heroin/morphine in recreational/personal use, but I honestly believe Michael was just trying to seek a good night's sleep :(
  10. Speed_Demon19

    july 23, 2009 Jackson Doctor Manslaughter Court Documents Filed

    Re: Jackson Doctor Manslaughter Court Documents Filed if it weren't for the incompetence of Murray as a fucken trained doctor, MJ may still be here. This sucks...
  11. Speed_Demon19

    The MJJC Michael Jackson Vigil And Celebration: July 13th London's 02 Arena PICTURES / VIDEOS ONLY!

    this looks amazing guys... wish i could have been there. I visited the O2 on the 15th and 16th, seeing the remnants of the vigil. There was like NO room on that board to sign hey... well only a tiny bit, and that's all I could do hehe. It really felt special. Welldone guys.
  12. Speed_Demon19

    La Toya Jackson: Michael was murdered... I felt it from the start

    interesting... dunno if i can believe it though.
  13. Speed_Demon19

    Memorial Program being sold on ebay :O

    BUT hey, it has free shipping... what a bargain!
  14. Speed_Demon19

    The King dominates the Australian Charts. 15 albums + 34 singles!

    Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi. Eff Yeah my mates have finally come to their senses :)
  15. Speed_Demon19

    Woman who posted comment on Larry King Blog says she feels "Very ashamed"

    Kudos... never hold grudges. at least she made the effort to do this.
  16. Speed_Demon19

    Golden Memorial Program Book [Pics] (Merged)

    Re: New rehearsal pics from Memorial Programme This makes me so sad... this really was gonna be the best show. Poor Mike... seriously, that's all I can say. Poor mike...
  17. Speed_Demon19

    Man In The Mirror performance

    Yeah i thought it was a very nice touch... That, along with Paris and Jermaine's performances set the waterworks off so bad. The whole ceremony was so beautiful.
  18. Speed_Demon19

    I Don't Want to Be Mean...

    I think she did pretty well considering the circumstances... singing at a funeral/memorial is incredibly difficult. I don't really think we should be judging any of the performers.
  19. Speed_Demon19

    Memorial Program being sold on ebay :O

    As soon as I saw the program, ebay was the first thing I could think of... of course it's on there.