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    What do you think of guys who sing like MJ (like this one!) I think it's a must-see

    Hey everyone, What do you think of guys who sing or try to sing like MJ. I usually like it, because it's a way of keeping up Michael's legacy. It shows a sense of pride. That's one way of looking at it, though. Sometimes it sounds awkward. To illustrate my point, I'd like you to see this video...
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    Alleged Reconstruction of MJ's Nose

    In an article from The Daily Telegraph (2009), Dr. Arnold Klein claims to have worked on reconstructing MJ's nose using fillers, since it was damaged so much according to the doctor. Here is the article. There is a picture of Michael Jackson's face from 2009, contrasting a before and after...
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    Philosophy: Michael Jackson's view of man

    Every culture, every religion and every person has a certain view of man. This view tells us something about the way this certain culture, religion or person thinks of the nature of man, what he is in essence, what he is here for, what the purpose of man is, et cetera. There are different...
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    What would you ask MJ based on his performances in This Is It

    Hi everyone, First of all, I'm sorry if there's already a similar topic; I couldn't fine one. I was just watching someone's first reaction on MJ's This Is It rehearsals on YouTube and he seemed kind of amazed by how great it was. To a large extent I agree, because the rehearsal footage allowed...
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    My dream about MJ last night

    Last night I dreamed about Michael. It was a beautiful, magical and peaceful dream where Michael and I were sitting around the table. We just talked, listened… Being silent in the same room was a magical experience as well. This dream felt surreal because Michael looked like the Michael from the...
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    Which songs would you have loved Michael to re-record?

    I mean just as it was the case with WBSS2008... He recorded some new vocals for an older song. And to me that was amazing because you could hear how his voice had changed. And how similar it was at the same time. Although I didn't particularly like the 2008 remix. I personally would have loved...