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    Michaels 90s live performances are overrated

    Cash Rules Everything Around Me MJ's debt accumulating extravagant lifestyle and huge album budgets had to be taken care of. 20's-early 30's is peak physical level for any person that exerts as much energy as a performer/dancer/athlete. And now that we know he was basically a functioning addict...
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    Michael's Unreleased Material [MERGED]

    Wow, never saw this. A lot of songs mentioned here that I never heard of.
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    Article: Michael Jackson wanted the role of Professor Xavier in X-Men and met with producers in 1999

    HILARIOUS I guess when you're used to no one ever telling you "no" you believe you can do absolutely anything
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    Why the general disinterest for the Victory tour around here?

    Victory Tour was MJ at his peak. His moves were as fast and sharp as ever, and his best performances of Billie Jean were then. I'd love to have it in hiqh quality I like his outfits better on Victory than the silver onesie he had on the Bad Tour
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    Reason for poor USA single chart performance of Dangerous & HIStory singles?

    Most of those singles simply were not as good as the ones from Thriller and Bad, and there were a lot of younger artists around in the 90's that were making music that appealed more to the youth that were buying music. And 30-something physically altered MJ was not as cool for guys and cute to...
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    Rivalry with Prince, Bubbles and Muscles as told by Quincy Jones

    I would think it had more to do with this also being the time he removed himself from Jehovah's Witnesses. It seems he took more of the attitude that can't nobody tell him what to do, which led him to a lot of bad decision making and company. Somebody familiar with him once said Mike was a...
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    Rivalry with Prince, Bubbles and Muscles as told by Quincy Jones "I forgive everybody. Forgiveness is what it's all about. Forgive us our trespasses and forgive those who trespass against us. It's imperative. It was no problems after that. And I know his mother, Afeni, who was a pain in the ass. She's dead...
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    Re: Rebbie! Caterpillar?
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    LL Cool J says he has several unreleased song with MJ

    There's "Serious Effect"....Are the others known?
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    Michael - Thriller Age

    WTF?? This couldn't be googled or looked up on wikipedia? You take the date Thriller was released, subtract the year MJ was born, and you should get a pretty good guess
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    Michael Jackson Gifs

    Re: Michael jackson gifs The Raiden from Mortal Kombat look
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    Prince in his father's home in Encino.

    Good to see the kid doing well
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    Branca: Unreleased Music Unlikely in the Foreseeable Future

    I've personally seen people do the most low down dirty things for money. And I'm talking hundreds or thousands, so no doubt the biggest snakes slither when millions are on the table
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    Janet gave birth to a baby boy!

    Didn't hear anything about this. Good for her
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    Luke Cage (Marvel Netflix TV Series)

    I'm gonna binge watch this weekend. I've loved Jessica Jones and Daredevil, so I have high hopes for this too. Plus it's hip-hop oriented, with each episode being named after a Gangstarr song
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    NBA Finals 2015

    ^exactamundo Unfortunately Kevin Durant took the easy route and joined Golden State for a super team, no one is going to challenge Cleveland in the east, so we are going to get Cavs/Warriors yet again. So predictable