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  1. TheThrillerGuy

    The Jacksons - An American Dream: Stop The Love You Save | Dance Tribute

    Always loved the American Dream biopic growing up, Wylie Draper was a a big inspiration on me, and for a long time I thought he was Michael lmao. Check out my dance tribute for "Stop The Love You Save"
  2. TheThrillerGuy

    MTV Video Music Awards 1995 Dance Tribute

    Check out my dance tribute for the MTV Video Music Awards Dangerous Performance
  3. TheThrillerGuy

    The Jacksons Torture | Dance Tribute

    This song probably has to be my favorite song of all-time, and my favorite music video as well. Unfortunately for a bunch of reasons Michael didn't do the short film itself and I feel that this was the best music video he wasn't in. With all that said I felt like this tribute video was long...
  4. TheThrillerGuy

    Motown 25 Billie Jean | Dance Tribute

    Tribute video for Michael's Motown 25 Billie Jean Performance! Anyone who watches the video; thanks in advance!
  5. TheThrillerGuy

    Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT - They Don't Really Care About Us | Dance Tribute

    Quick back-story on this one: 2009 was a pretty rough year for me on all sides, particularly when Michael passed away. His televised burial was on July 7th; my birthday, and I to this day haven't watched it. Seeing the This Is It movie in theaters was pretty exciting since at that point every...
  6. TheThrillerGuy

    The Jacksons Variety Show 1976 - I Shot The Sheriff Tribute

    The Jacksons variety show from 1976-1977 is super underrated IMO, I was watching it the other night and I forgot how much I liked this choreography. So I ended up recording a tribute for it since you don't see too many "tribute artists" do Jacksons material. I appreciate anyone who watches!
  7. TheThrillerGuy

    Smooth criminal | dance tribute

    This might be hands down my favorite piece to dance to. Shoutout to Michael and Vincent Paterson for choreographing this. I didn't bring my hat so if you watch this, just pretend that I'm wearing one lol.
  8. TheThrillerGuy

    Captain Eo - We Are Here To Change The World (Dance Tribute)

    Tribute I did to We Are Here To Change The World from Captain Eo!
  9. TheThrillerGuy

    THRILLER Dance Tribute

    It's that time of year, I definitely had to do a a tribute for Thriller. Let me know what ya'll think!
  10. TheThrillerGuy

    [PODCAST] Michael Jackson and Prince RIVALRY, Morris Day and the Time and MPLS

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> Did a podcast with a friend of mine who happens to be a huge fan of Prince...
  11. TheThrillerGuy

    Remembering Michael Jackson, RacistFans, the Problem w/ Tribute Artists & Impersonators

    [PODCAST] Remembering Michael Jackson, RacistFans, the Problem w/ Tribute Artists & Impersonators Made a podcast remembering Michael Jackson and touching on other subjects about the fan community. I've got time stamps for the video so if you want to skip to a particular topic I talked about...
  12. TheThrillerGuy

    Michael Jackson, the Super Hero (Thoughts, Opinions and Comments!)

    New to the forum, but not new to being a fan/student to Michael by any means. I actually haven't been on a Michael Jackson forum since "PositivelyMichael" was shut down years ago. I never thought to join another one since. I recently got a new laptop and basic editing software and I figured now...