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    Michael Jackson exhibition in Gronau Germany 24-06-14 untill 21-09-14

    I wish I could go and see the exhibition...I hope I will be there in September!!! These are the true events in his beloved memory!!...things made by fans!!
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    Michael Jackson Memorial & Sunflower event @The MJ HIStory statue in Best, The Netherlands

    On 06/25 me and my friends took one day off working and all together we gathered at my place and spent the whole day listening to MJ music and watching videos...this was our way to remember him!! WE LOVE YOU MICHAEL!!!
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    When Bon Jovi met Michael Jackson: ‘He couldn’t have been nicer’

    Why everybody seems to talk good about Michael only now?? after he's gone?? Where were all these artists when Michael really needed support from them in his very hard days?? I don't give a sxxt reading all this stuff now!:no:
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    R&B Hall Of Fame Induction 2014

    My personal opinion about this is that this celebration is completely useless!! MJ already is a LEGEND!!! he doesn't need this awards after death... Why not to make a REAL celebrating show instead?? I mean one with the very big artists!! What have been done till now is completely not enough to...
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    Michael Jackson's 'HIStory' Official 20th Anniversary Thread

    YEAHHHH!!! I really hope this will be released with some great pearls on it!! Ghost and making of would be really appreciated!! A live show from that great era would be great! Still anyway I hope that sonner or later there could be even a "Dangerous" annyversary!! This album (my second favourite...
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    La Toya Jackson - You're Gonna Get Rocked! 2CD Deluxe Edition out 25 November

    I purchased my copy just because I collect everything Jackson' is still well sealed!!!..and I think it will stay like this for such a long time!!!:ciao:
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    Jackson family to open gift shop in Gary

    I really wish someone in the authorities or Michael lawyers will stop them from making such a bad thing like that! They will do it just for money and not to commemorate Michael...SHAME ON YOU!!!
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    If MJ was alive, how well would Xscape do?

    I think Xscape could have been a great come back for MJ!!! Even if I am sure he would have make it a more complete album with new unreleased tracks! I would have been very curious to know if he would agree the way Xscape sound or if he would have changed something (at least on some tracks)!!
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    Xscape vs. Michael the album: Which is your favourite?

    Xscape without any doubt!! It is more close to the original versions and the way Michael would have released them !
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    Happy Birthday Michael.

    Dear Michael, you are and you will be always in my heart!!:heart: Thank you for making my existence so joyful! Until the end of my life I will always love you so much! Happy Birthday from the bottom of my heart! :birthday: