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    Prince's Birthday... sending flowers to him :) [ Donate button added on first post ]

    Happy Birthday Prince! I hope he's having a wonderful day, his daddy will be watching over him very proud :) I wish l had come into this thread earlier to, because i would have donated for Prince's birthday, but seeing Blankets birthday is coming up & Paris' i'll do it then :) These ideas...
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    You know you're obsessed with MJ when...

    When you accidently crease your poster of Michael... have a fit & say "Ohh sorry Michael, honey" the poster!! hahaa. When you meet someone for the first time and say very proudly "Oh one thing you should know about me is, im a huge Michael Jackson fan!"
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    You know you're obsessed with MJ when...

    You know your obsessed when... the majority of pictures on your phone are not of your friends, family or self...but of Michael! lol. Thats me! :) You know your obsessed when... you stare at an MJ pic on your wall for so long because you cant get enough of his beautiful face & wishing that it...
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    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year everyone!! And lets hope this year actually IS a Happy one! :)
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    The official 100: Guide to becoming the ultimate michael jackson fan.

    Wow! This is awesome, theres some really great ones to and where almost there! 4 more to go! Obviously, if we can go over 100 then we can wittle them down to the ultimate 100. :)
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    Is Elvis Overrated?

    To be honest, i cant stand Elvis. I think he's overrated and i know because i dont like him im obviously gonna be biased & say Michael is soo much better etc (which he obviously is) But even if i did like Elvis music etc i still think he is overated because at the end of the day Michael did more...
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    Tribute concert for Michael Jackson of us fans

    I would be willing to dance aswell but also if its only in the UK. I think it would be great if just the fans could put together a concert, but of course we need more support. I dont know why their are a lack of fans posting in this thread & not supporting it?... :)
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    Happy Birthday Jermaine Jackson!

    Happy belated Birthday Jermaine! Hope you had a good one! :)
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    Spike Lee will premiere the new 'This is it' video on Thur Dec.10th@7PM [Merged] With Youtube link

    Re: Spike Lee will premiere the new 'This is it' video on Thur Dec. 10th @ 7PM Wow, that was...special. What a wonderful tribute, so emotional :( I miss you so much Michael! I :heart: You So lovely, i hope they show this on music channels. They should do right?
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    One thing I hate when talking about Mike to people

    Yeah i get this alot. It bugs the hell of out me to. So im the same i tend to avoice talking about Michael in conversations with people who arent fans really, cos i just cant be bothered. Even if i do try to defend him i get all worked up about it and there like "alright, calm down love, im only...
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    Dangerous Tour Leotard - Love it or hate it

    LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! :heart: He looks so hot in it, sexy & cute all at the same time. Yeah really no-one else could pull that outfit off. No way! I went to the exhibition the other day and saw it & i couldnt stop staring at it. Gorgeous! :)
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    to the members of mjjc

    Thanks for posting this moonstreet as i agree & respect your opinion. I just wanted to put straight my reason for joining after June 25th. I have been a fan of Michaels for several years & before June 25th i was signed up with Michaels official forum so i would always hang out there & talk to...
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    Stark Raving Dad - Simpsons

    I love this episode! I just watched it. Michaels voice is so distinctive and he just has the best speaking voice in the world, and singing of course :laugh: but, his voice is so cute & lovely! Fab episode. I wish he had actually sung in it though, its cool he wrote the song, i love that song, so...
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    You know you're obsessed with MJ when...

    When your sitting waiting in the car for your mum to finish shopping & you write "I :heart: MJ" on the steamed up window of the car, smile, & quickly wipe it off when you see your mum coming, to save yourself from the embarrasment & rolling of the eyes, hahaa! (I think you can still kinda see it...
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    X Factor Semi Final - Michael Jackson Tribute

    Re: RUMOUR : X Factor Semi Final - Michael Jackson Tribute Omg! :( That has made me really sad, it would have been incredible if Michael was on the X Factor, he would have blown everyone away as usual. Would have been great seeing him mentor aswell, urrggh this is horrible, even more sad now...
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    Your Most + Least Listened to Albums?

    Changes for me to but definitely for the most its... Most: Dangerous! (Best album for me!) :) Least: Off The Wall (At the moment)
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    Can anybody really top him???

    Yes, Dr Conrad Murray, if he hadnt have topped him Michael would still be here... :sad:
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    The official 100: Guide to becoming the ultimate michael jackson fan.

    This is great guys, keep 'em coming we've got 58 so far... over half way already! Hate all the haters, should be 57 & be careful who you let into your inner circle is 58 (they wern't numbered properly :) )
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    Dangerous Tour outfit or HIStory Tour outfit?

    Ohh okay, well its looks like that thread needs some updating, thats just not on! :laugh: & the fact we cant even see the photos just makes it even worse! hehe. *wanders over to gold leotard thread* :happy:
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    MJJC Member Pictures !

    What a lovely looking bunch you all are on here! :) Ok heres me... :blush: -cringe! Thats me on the left! Thats my best friend on the right... she's not really am MJ fan, however she did ask me to burn her a CD with MJ songs on, so i might just turn her one day completely! :) Haha. Thought...