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  1. 4veryoung

    Your MJ Bucketlist

    HI, i Know we all have bucket list, just want to know your MJ-related bucket list lolz. Mine is simple to go to Neveland of course, to visit forest lawn, to be able to see his Hollywood walk of fame and his house in Gary Indiana.
  2. 4veryoung

    very touching story about TII

    I just came across this story on reddit (although its really familiar, somehow read it somewhere in 2009)....very heart warming, just got emotional♥ (bluepinkmuffin) My friend had this middle aged woman who kept coming in to see This Is It while it was playing. She would be there at...
  3. 4veryoung

    Teens' 'Beat It' Parody Sparks Feud

    What do you think of this? I think sony should at least be ok with it, its such a good cause/welfare. Teens' 'Beat It' Parody Sparks Feud Quote: Teens at a Pennsylvania library had hoped to inspire kids to read when they transformed the lyrics of Michael Jackson's 1983 hit "Beat It" into "Read...
  4. 4veryoung

    Michael and Marcel Marceu

    (Magazine "History" No. 4, 1996) Excerpt from the interview with Marcel Marceau in the journal "History" No. 4, 1996. History Magazine: Can you tell the first time he met Michael Jackson? Marcel Marceau: I heard that Michael Jackson was a fan when he arrived in France in 1988 during the...
  5. 4veryoung

    101 Facts 101 Facts About Michael Jackson

    101 Facts About Michael Jackson - Did not write this, just copied it from below site...the links/sources don't work here, u must go to the site to brows/see it. by Lacienega on AUGUST 28, 2012 (Thanks, hope its fine I posted this here and share it)...
  6. 4veryoung

    Did you ever made a non- fan to an MJ-fan?

    Just askin'........ or even an MJ hater to an mjfan? Even though not all people are not gonna like him ( but how can u not? lol) and I could never understand MJ haters (they're just Ignorant ones as they don't know him at all or they don't know the truth) My mj non-mj friends even have their...
  7. 4veryoung

    Australias Got Talent 2011- Timomatic

  8. 4veryoung

    Rebecca Black's new video

    so this is her new song....just ok not bad actually unlike friday lol. She's quite pretty too, good luck to her, if she want to be really a singer...she should train hard perhaps? But she's pretty sweet & strong too despite the negativity towards friday she keeps going on and some FYI she even...
  9. 4veryoung

    Cutest mj vid♥ must see!!!

  10. 4veryoung

    Interview with Vincent Paterson, June 2011

    It’s been two years since the untimely death of Michael Jackson and since that sad day in June 2009, there has been no shortage of articles, movies and tributes honoring his legacy. In keeping with the spirit of all things MJ we present a slightly different side to celebrating the King of Pop by...
  11. 4veryoung

    Michael Jackson & Bubbles promo for National Geographic Channel

    Anyone seen this? so Cute & sweeet.......? awwww!
  12. 4veryoung

    MY simple tribute to MJ

    Hope you like it, my simple tribute video for MJ, a collection of pics, tributes etc. Title: Never Seen Nothing Like You by Nate Highfield Lyrics: No ive never seen nothing like you no one else makes me feel like you do yeaah ive searched across the...
  13. 4veryoung

    Michael Jackson doctor's lawyers to see 'This Is It' footage

    LOS ANGELES — Sony Pictures Entertainment has agreed to allow lawyers for Dr. Conrad Murray to view some 100 hours of raw footage of Michael Jackson's rehearsals for his This Is It concert. But they are not allowed to make public statements about what they see. A stipulation filed with a Los...
  14. 4veryoung

    In Defense of Michael Jackson's Magic

    A year ago, I tried to convince a stranger that, yes, magic does indeed exist. I wasn't talking about David Blaine, Criss Angel, or street magic—no. I meant the magic in creativity, in manifesting things at will, in . . . in . . . aggh! I was so frustrated that I couldn't explain it to her, but...
  15. 4veryoung

    Michael’s magic steps change granny’s life

    Remember her? Michael’s magic steps change granny’s life Encouraged by Michael Jackson's dancing, granny Bai Shuying started a new life and became one of the best Jackson imitators in the country. Photos by Zou Hong / China Daily Michael’s magic steps change granny’s life...
  16. 4veryoung

    Memories with the ‘Groove King': John Bähler remembers Michael Jackson

    "The one thing I try to impress upon people is that Michael was the epitome of love. He was the most loving, kind human being I have ever met in my entire life." – John Bähler (May 31, 2011) DAYTON, Ohio – John Bähler is a composer, producer, songwriter and arranger. He and his brother Tom...
  17. 4veryoung

    Could Michael Jackson Have Created Twitter?

    Could Michael Jackson Have Created Twitter? Creativity researchers define creativity as something that is novel and useful. By this definition, Michael Jackson is the epitome of creativity. Jackson's works were certainly novel. He created an entirely new music experience. His glove, jacket...
  18. 4veryoung

    Cute vid, Must See "i just loves Michael Jackson"

    <iframe width="425" height="349" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Cute&#9829; The next Generation xx She spots a picture of MJ in a Justin Beiber Magazine and says ‘I just love Michael Jackson’ when Mum asks why she says ‘He’s the...
  19. 4veryoung

    Dj Proper dancing with Michael Jackson @ BAD tour

    So cute.... "This music is for ALL races worldwide working for peace & equality" DJ PROPER (WORLDWIDE FAMILIA) So poppa surprised me with meeting MJ and dancing on stage for my 12th Bday... It changed my life meeting him and seeing the show....RIP to the King of Pop ....Im the 2nd kid to come...
  20. 4veryoung

    Lessons from Michael – The Power of Passion

    Lessons from Michael – The Power of Passion Whether you were a fan of Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, or one who saw only his idiosyncrasies, there are many lessons for all of us in his trials and tribulations, turbulence, yet triumph. As a teacher and healer at heart, I was in awe with the...