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    What is Your Race/Ethnicity?

    i'm latino here
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    Vaclav Havel, Czech leader and playwright, dies at 75

    I understand that some things have been left out in this article but again i feel it is important to remain critical of people before praising them. I'm against totalitarian/authoritarian regimes in general and in this case totalitarian communism and the evils done by Stalin and the rest of...
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    Vaclav Havel, Czech leader and playwright, dies at 75

    before everyone starts praising this guy, you should really start fact checking what he really stood for, an article you might want to read... "No figure among the capitalist restorationists in the East has won more adulation from U.S. officials, media pundits, and academics than Vaclav Havel...
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    ~* ~ Pray for Persia.... for Iran, please. (the 2nd day has come)

    Re: ~* ~ Pray for Persia.... for Iran, please. be careful out there but remember that there are millions in this world today who support your revolution for freedom and a better future for the irian people!
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    solidarity with the egyptian people!! you proved to the world that through social struggles you are able to bring down a tyrannical system to it's knees
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    New Michael Jackson Songs :Copyright

    things only become illegal when a company or corporation is making profits off of it and wants only us the consumers to buy their products, F_CK SONY! they messed with Mj's last album when he was still here and now they want to make even more profits off the new one... F_CK THEM!!!
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    Lady Gaga First Artist to Reach 1 BILLION YouTube Views

    who listens to their conformist bullshyt music anyways??! at the end of the day like duran duran said they are simple marketing products and nothing more!! they are both talentless and unoriginal, i don't understand how generations of people can be brainwashed by this "manufactured music" that...
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    political affiliation

    i tend to lean towards radical leftist ideologies.
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    Godfather director Francis Ford Coppola “The cinema as we know it is falling apart”

    gettin tired and starting to hate remakes, i hate too much cgi, i hate over the top cheesy comedy... i want to see more inteligent,creative and thought provoking movies
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    Anyone else hate nightclubs?

    i love goin to clubs,underground rave parties, would love to go to a freetek in europe but i mainly go because i love to dance and get into dance battles in clubs,its fun :)
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    George Steinbrenner, A Hero Like Michael Jackson, To Me, And Owner Of The Yankees, Dies'

    well my point exactly.... if the "new york yankees" are making millions why aren't those millions being invested in trying to to help the city of the Bronx?? it has only become profitable for a small minority of the business i haven't seen any changes and hopes of trying to rebuild the bronx and...
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    George Steinbrenner, A Hero Like Michael Jackson, To Me, And Owner Of The Yankees, Dies'

    sorry but thing that i just can't seem to possibly understand about americans is how they remembered this man but don't talk about the fact that the stadiums built are used with the tax payers money (where do THE people who paid for this come in during all this?) and when people actually...
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    Why did MJ not do Live Aid in '85?

    i think its a good thing he didn't publicize on his charity works he doesn't need that kind of attention, you look at most of the live aids,live8, live earth,etc sure they were amazing concerts, however i wouldn't trust any of those events for charity as many of them are sponsored by corporate...
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    Sign The Book Of L.O.V.E.

    Pierre - France/ New York, USA, Your message will live on forever
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    Do any of you know some of these artists

    i know Calle 13( Puerto Rican reggaeton/ hip hop band) like above i dont really like it, Ozomatli( from Los Angeles they play a fusion of latin,rock and hip hop and are politically conscious), and Babylon Circus( ska, rock, reggae and yea they are from France)
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    10 Activists Killed in Israeli Attack on Gaza-Bound Aid Ship

    why are you posting videos of hamas? we know what they stand for and therefore we don't agree with their agenda, however if you saw the video i posted you would see that the IDF videos were mainly untrue, and manipulated by their government, the real videos that were taken by people on the boat...
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    Beliefs/Morals/Values vs SEX

    i understand, but yes i feel indifferent about it, i mean the reason this was brought up is mainly because you feel there is a lack of emotional connect these day, I can certainly agree with that. What i don't agree with is the push to sexualize our society because everything from...
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    Beliefs/Morals/Values vs SEX

    To respond generally about this statement though there is 2 things you should remember many people from this generation have sex because like you say it is "trendy" or "cool" thing to do and for some others it is mainly because it is addicting, i have heard many stories of people saying that...
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    Im REALLY scared, Please help

    how did you get in contact with this person to begin with? is he a criminal,thug or something?
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    Michael Jackson The Political Activist

    Re: "Boy, is that girl with you?" yea overall i'm disgusted and sad that the environment,ways of life for people, and animals are dying right now because of this spill!