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  1. Lil Ced

    Ellen: Jason Sudeikis' Son is in a MJ Phase Too cute lol the outfits especially!
  2. Lil Ced

    Glenda tapes discussion

    I don't think those Glenda tapes are real lol
  3. Lil Ced

    If This Is It had actually happened (JT related) Oh, the possibilities! Do you think Michael would have done something like this? This looks like it will be a very exciting film, and I would have loved to see This Is It released this way had the concerts occurred.
  4. Lil Ced

    Steve Porcaro on "Human Nature"

    An interview of Steve Porcaro, a member of the band Toto, on "Human Nature" and it's creation. He also plays a bit of it on keyboard.
  5. Lil Ced

    MJ Live in Tel Aviv 1993- GottaHaveRocknRoll

    I'll just drop this here for you guys to check out..
  6. Lil Ced

    Michael Jackson's Moonwalker at 25

    Couldn't copy the article, but it is a nice article about Moonwalker. Link:
  7. Lil Ced

    Petition / Michael Jackson's Work on Blu-ray

    This petition asks that the MJ Estate and Sony Music preserve Mj's body of work and release them in the highest quality. In the video, there is a great point made that if Shakespeare's work were to be kept in some attic somewhere rotting, people would have an outcry. So why shouldn't Michael's...
  8. Lil Ced

    Rebbie Jackson "Fly Away"

    So i just listened to Rebbie's version of Fly Away, and I noticed that it has unused vocals from Michael's demo. Had anyone else heard her version?