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    MJ Record Almost Broken After 30 Years

    Yes....and then announcing it as if it was worldwide also was weird and shady. Many just took it as it is unfortunately.
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    MJ Record Almost Broken After 30 Years

    Ah, I see. Thanks for the info. The circumstances before which focused on radio presence and now streaming are a bit different but still interesting. I was thought Katy Perry did so in the 2010s.
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    MJ Record Almost Broken After 30 Years

    I didn't know about this record, however I do want to fact check especially after the announcement of the Eagles replacing MJ years ago which was kinda misleading (It was for the US not worldwide). It's about the fastest No. 1s that a Kpop group have recently surpassed. Just want to hear your...
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    Scott Ross on Michael Jackson

    Thanks for Uploading. I'll disagree on Scott regarding Dr. Conrad Murray.
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    New song Adajio coming soon

    I really like this release of hers. I'm looking forward to more of her songs being released in the future.
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    'Wilted' Album Discussion

    Even if she wasn't an offspring of a superstar, she did really well. I do listen to this kind of music as I have a very varied taste in music. I wouldn't leave a bad review just because she is sonically different from her father.
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    Drake featuring Michael Jackson (TONIGHT)

    The song will have been more promoted with a music video. It garnered some interest after it went into headlines after Scorpion was released.
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    Queen & Michael Jackson Duets

    That's a good read. I remember reading an article before about Michael waiting for Freddie at a party. That was before Thriller and I think just after Off the wall. I can't find the article now though. If I recall, young Michael called Freddie one of his good friends.
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    Missed Opportunities

    Yes, it seems like it. Those HBO rehearsals were confirmed to be filmed and given to Michael. The whereabouts of these rare footage is still a mystery. I guess it'll be a big discovery if ever it will this lifetime.
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    Missed Opportunities

    Re: Missed opportunity's So many... Who Is It, Give In To Me, Stranger in Moscow, 2Bad, Is it Scary, Butterflies, Whatever Happens and other songs sung live...
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    [Discussion] Sexual Abuse Claims Against MJ Estate - Robson/ Safechuck/ Doe

    That's interesting. Also, I just found this thread randomly and it's quite clear how many people are pretty much misinformed.
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    Brief live vocals on Jam on the Dangerous Tour

    My opinion at this is a matter of different perspectives. You can look at his childhood with all the success he went through and see this as a publicity stunt, that's just one perspective. In his perspective, he sees it differently and expressed this in many occassions. It can also be applied...
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    Michael Jackson Bahamas 1998

    Yes! I was about to comment that he sounds good here. One of the dyas that he is in good condition to sing despite the impromptu performance. :)
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    Michael Jackson Bahamas 1998

    News footage only right? Probably the one who taped it have it, but I doubt there is a chance that it will be released. Probably got lost somewhere. Is that Di Caprio?
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    Brief live vocals on Jam on the Dangerous Tour

    I'll just add up something about his voice. Michael had better days in singing in the later years of his life, but for the most part, his voice sounded strained, scratchy and out of breath (especially in the MSG concerts). Many factors likely affected his voice, aside from the fact that Michael...
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    Richard Marx trashes Michael Jackson on his 60th B'day

    It was very frequent to the point that most people just accept it or join into the bandwagon hate. Remembering it as a kid, I was mostly convinced by the all of the negative press on him. So when I saw Britney asked by an interviewer if she believed all of the accusations and she said she...
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    What Are You Listening To?

    Re: What are you listening to? Epik High's We've Done Something Wonderful album
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    Brief live vocals on Jam on the Dangerous Tour

    I noticed that too. He would cover his mouth lip syncing or not and it's not really consistent. My early guess before was readjusting the mic or hearing his voice by reflecting the sound through his palm. Quite weird, but that's what I concluded before. As for lip surgeries...ah I don't really...
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    What Is Michael's Most Underrated Album?

    I'm torn between Blood on the Dancefloor and Dangerous. But, as an overall album, I choose Dangerous. I remember reading a review of this album before that it's quite not a "love" album and it was criticized for being indicisive. However, Dangerous was able to showcase more of Michael in...
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    J-pop/K-pop listeners???

    Grew up listening to Jpop, Jrock and Kpop. Though, I'm like a grandma when it comes to tastes.