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  1. Frankyboy5

    What happened to Michael in the late nineties -2003?

    I can't remember where I saw it but after his passing, MTV tried to portray the event as a genuine award to him. All I have to say is we all have our on perceptions of what MJ conveyed as fact or fiction. In my opinion, the "Beautiful Girl" instrumental studio session on Geraldo in 2004 stands...
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    How did Michael’s troubles with Sony Music begin?

    Saying Mottola was a bad person doesn't necessarily equal to what Michael alleged as him being a racist, and alas this is just Mariah's experience with him. He could have just said Tommy Mottola was an unethical CEO and not gone into the details during that conference. There were other reasons...
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    How did Michael’s troubles with Sony Music begin?

    Can you give me examples and which labels they were on then? Sony's not a label that sells underground music ranting about personal musings or possible conspiracy theories.
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    How did Michael’s troubles with Sony Music begin?

    Like I said, he sang from his heart but it is still only his perspective, even if we can relate to them. The fact that he continued to play the victim card only made him more vulnerable. Sony did not find it viable from a business or even ethical perspective. They have every right to encourage...
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    Subtle changes during tours that you've spotted

    For some reason the second moonwalk in most of the 1996 Billie Jeans was particularly "bad". I get the impression the metallic heels allowed him to spin longer but the leather soles in 1997 were smoother. Not sure if the shoes affected that or if it was intentional. Of course there's also the...
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    How did Michael’s troubles with Sony Music begin?

    Agreed. While these songs come from his heart and are very often relatable, they can also be perceived as egocentricity. I don't know the full situation with Sony but I get the impression he took it too personally. There's many other factors albums didn't sell well other than his claim "Sony is...
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    Asking ourselves tough questions.

    The point is I WANT fans to make the right arguments instead of trivial misconceptions that those subreddits and youknowwhatsite will immediately cherrypick and throw the curveballs, and we go nowhere. If an argument goes like "MJ was guilty" followed by someone responding "MJ was innocent"...
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    Asking ourselves tough questions.

    The situation has only greatened my disdain for the those who keep sticking with irrational disproved points when engaging in debate. Simply blurting out MJ Innocent will not solve the problem. Tying some false equivalence (I've seen an increase in criticizing David Bowie and Elvis Presley in...
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    The list of people, you want to avoid.

    Again, I don't know if Wade's quotation came before or after the controversy. If this comment was really made after it all, it really is a damn shame. For the record this was Tony's TED talk, uploaded in October 2013 (after Wade's change of stories). Wade is one of the commenters praising him...
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    The list of people, you want to avoid.

    In an Instagram post back in January, Wade Robson posted an endorsement for his dance class from choreographer Tony Testa, who worked on This Is It as well as with Janet. Previously, Wade posted a comment praising his TED Talk. In the talk, Tony mentions celebrities he's idolized and work with...
  11. Frankyboy5

    imagine already released material in a new coat?

    Maybe some older songs like We've Got Forever. Of most young MJ songs I think it has quite a modern vibe just the instruments are dated.
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    I Am a Fan, But... (What Makes You Heretic Among Other Fans?)

    Since the controversy I haven't wavered my opinion, but I am truly disappointed by the "stans" in the community who live up to the "toxic" label (as stated by a certain person who shall not be named). They're only feeding the trolls and bolstering those on the borderline to push to the other...
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    Were Michael and Prince friends?

    Re: Was Michael and Prince was friends? While it seems like Prince tended to speak well of MJ (though he was reportedly salty about being called out by MJ during that James Brown performance and thought MJ made him look bad), I can't help but feel like MJ badmouthed him to some extent, there's...
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    I Am a Fan, But... (What Makes You Heretic Among Other Fans?)

    1. I believe there were points where MJ was rude/obnoxious towards his peers, so it was rather hypocritical for him to say "great artists don't do that" (regarding Eminem). Sure, he meant to keep these entitled opinions to himself or people he trusted but it is inevitable someone would spill...
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    Controversial MJ Documentary Leaving Neverland [GENERAL DISCUSSION THREAD]

    Re: Sundance Festival 2019 - Controversial MJ Documentary "Leaving Neverland" I'm not really surprised about AK. I don't recall him explicitly defending MJ in the wake of allegations (not that it's required for fans to do so), yet he defended Freemasonry against MJ Illuminati conspiracy...
  16. Frankyboy5

    Songs with MJs Backround Vocals + Released Songs he whrote for without singing on it

    J-Friends songs People of the World (Solo demo leaked) and Children's Holiday.
  17. Frankyboy5

    Drake featuring Michael Jackson (TONIGHT)

    @mthalen agreed about the Weeknd comment, especially the vocals at the end, but I'm actually quite pleased with this track, especially after how Lenny Kravitz's Low merely featured hoo's, and I was expecting this to be the same. My favourite part of this track is Drake doesn't actually sing over...
  18. Frankyboy5

    A NEW MJ Hologram Is Arriving!

    Fans can even animate moves on Miku Miku dance with anime characters dancing Note how comprehensive this one is (it even has Ghosts, You Rock My World and Billie Jean live moves as well):
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    The way you make me feel- Reharsal-footage 1993

    Re: SAD video leak I'm not sure he's crying, he probably has a migraine or something.
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    Estate, Cascio and Porte Sued Over Three Songs on the "Michael" Album - Vera Senova Class Action

    Re: Estate, Cascio & Porte sued - Forensic Analysis says MJ is NOT singing the 3 songs on "MICHAEL" Does anybody have his posts from 2008? Even before MJ passed away, I had a feeling he was onto something... It went along the lines of "there are rumours I'm helping to promote Michael...