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    Updated: vid included-I made it to top six in Wisconsin's Got Talent with my MJ impersonation

    Hey guys I just wanted to tell everybody. A few weeks back I auditioned for Wisconsin's Got Talent by impersonating Michael Jackson. I got selected to come back. I did Billie Jean for the first round and it was really good. I made it to the second round and did Thriller but then I got...
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    Skin-whitening creams found in Jackson home Skin-whitening creams found in Jackson home LOS ANGELES - Detectives found large quantities of general anesthetic and dozens of tubes of skin-whitening creams in Michael Jackson's home after the singer's death, search warrants...
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    Should MJ and Tim Burton have made Alice in Wonderland music video for Invincible?

    For several years way before the new Alice in Wonderland movie was being made I had wanted MJ and Tim Burton to get to get together and make an 15 minute to 20 minute Alice in Wonderland short film, with Michael Jackson as the Mad Hatter of course. I thought it would have been perfect for...
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    Should MJ have re-recorded Billie Jean with Slash for history album

    For years I had two ideas that I wish MJ had done for the History album and I wanted to share em with you guys. MJ and Slash should have rerecorded Billie Jean. MJ's voice had changed a lot since Billie Jean was recorded. Imagine the adlybs, the back up vocals, the beat boxing, and the...
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    Songs that sound better live than on the cd

    I have never been a fan of the song Rock with you, but on the Bad tour it just sounds so incredibly amazing that I can't stop listening to it. What songs do you like better live than on the cd?
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    extracting the center channel

    can anybody point me to some good "free" dvd audio extracting programs not counting dvd audio extractor as the trail period has been used up on this computer. I need to be able to seperate all six channels.
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    good video mixing software

    cany anybody suggest some user friendly video mixing software that can be used for taking one song and mixing it to a different routine while being able to speed and slow either the audio down or the video to match the beat?
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    will this is it have 5.1 surround audio?

    will the this is it dvd have sperate channels like the history dvds? you know one channel for the vocals, another for the instruments ect.? or will every channel be exactly the same? I'm really hoping not. I'd love to hear acapella versions of his live vocals.
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    Help-How to learn smooth criminal choreography

    Okay I am one of those fans who dances like MJ. As I mentioned before untill rescently I never tried to teach myself any moves or routines. I just free styled really, really, really good. I just naturally learned it. well I rescently taught myself with ease the routine for the 80's grammy...
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    Jacksons reality series to premiere Dec. 13

    Jacksons reality series to premiere Dec. 13 Show to focus on brothers preparing for tour, coping with Michael’s death NEW YORK - A reality show miniseries about the Jackson family will premiere Dec. 13 on A&E, the network says. Back-to-back hour episodes will air that night at 9 p.m. EST. “The...
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    FURIOUS WITH ITUNES-ripped off on beat it demo

    I'm not about to purchase an entire album full of songs I already own right, so obviously I'm not purchasing the This is it album. I've heard many here say they will just, so MJ's kids get th emoney and to give money to his estate, but I'm not stupid enough to donate my money to millionaires who...
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    help-how to mix audio for a performance in a large room?

    I've heard before that in order for everything to sound right when playing a track in a large room, you need to mix it a little differently, like have the voice a little louder or something. Could somebody please explain it to me and help me a little? I'm using audacity. It's for my...
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    For those that believe in God/heaven.....

    Do you think that Michael jackson and God are having any dance battles between each other? God is all like "I'm God. I'm automatically the best at everything." MJ is all like "You ain't Bad, you ain't nothing, I said you ain't nothing!" And then they start battling? Do you guys think he...
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    Was this MJ's new peak when it comes to his vocals?

    It's honestly starting to look like MJ was at a brand new peak vocally during these rehearsals. When you listen to his live vocals in these previews it's absolutely amazing. Compare human nature from the bad tour, where he sounds incredible already, to the way he sounds in the this is it clips...
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    Should MJ have kept the gold thong for billie jean on the dangerous tour?

    I agree with many that the gold leotard was too girly for certain audiences, but it did have some cool effects with accentuating his dancing. It worked for Jam, Smooth Criminal, Thriller, etc. but I think it could have worked exceptionally well for Billie Jean doing all those robotic...
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    what is better for dancing in? pleather or leather:Thriller jacket

    As I've mentioned before I'm going to impersonate MJ at my school. I've found a couple of 20 year old leather thriller jackets in good condition, and plenty of brand new pleather thriller jackets. in the pictures the leather ones look better, but I'm concerned about stiffness, softness, or...
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    Mj dancers or immitators can you help me with something

    Hi there. I am one of those fans who immitates MJ's dancing. I never really took the time to teach myself. One day when I was a little kid I just realized I could do it really good so I kept doing it. Any dance moves I didn't know how to do I didn't bother teaching myself. I would just...
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    I spoke with Luo Ferrigno today

    Today I attended the chicago comic book convention. Luo Ferrigno was there signing autographs, which costed 30 dollars, which I had no interest in buying, but I approached him at his signing table. I said to him "Hey Luo, this is a strange question, but can I ask which hand you used to shake...
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    Did Latoya Jackson have vitiligo?

    I put this here instead of the Jackson's thread because it can be used in the debate to prove MJ had it. Latoya looks very light these days. does anybody know if latoya jackson has vitiligo?
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    Let's all contact tmz and beg them release whole song-get ur friends overwhelm them with thousands

    Here is the web address where you can send them a message, but don't stope there!! Let's get the word out on myspace, facebook, ask everybody you know, use every email address you have. Let's overwhelm them with thousands of requests to hear the whole song "Place with no name" today or...