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  1. asandra

    MJ moves up Soundscan's 'best selling artists chart'!

    Hi, bobmoo 79! Please give us a link for the list of the best selling artists and so on. I would like to share this with my friends from all over. Already checked on nielsen, but I haven't found any kind of a top. Thanks a lot.:clapping:
  2. asandra

    Darren hayes GLORIOUS (mj blog)

    Yes from his lyrics it's visible what a special person is. For me the deepest impression was when finding Strange Relationship
  3. asandra

    Darren hayes GLORIOUS (mj blog) There is a preview for the songs of the album, but "Gorgeous" in not there. As long as Darren says it will be a bonus for the collectors, I think it's fair enough.
  4. asandra


    COMPLETELY, totally agree with this. To all those who spread the idea of boycotting... do you see yourself in few years from now? :cheeky: Do you think it is wise and will help you inside IF you try to convince the outsiders to follow the path of disconsidering this album? Why please, for...
  5. asandra


    Yes, I feel sort of a same way... :timer: Here in my country, we started in a fanbase, one year ago, trying to coalescence some actions against the media, and for spreading the truth instead of prejudices, to show facts not speculations... All it felt down because of too much envy and...
  6. asandra

    Michael - Your Album Review + Poll

    :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: YES, for once, let's never forget to say it loud for any listener: BILLIE JEAN is the best song ever, and remember how nice is described by Bruce Swedien: For me, it's almost like falling in love. [...]combining different recording techniques to produce a...
  7. asandra

    Michael - Your Album Review + Poll

    :clapping: I feel kinda same, so let me put it in a different perspective: here on MJJC, we feel free to express even the deepest fears and doubts about the album. Right, it's a growing-up way for going further. It's a family matter. Or, if you agree, it's a way of releasing tension, and...
  8. asandra

    Tohme Tohme is Back and seeks financial records of MJ's estate

    Yes! That is my hope too. That somehow, Divine justice will prevail and this character will poison himself, figurative speaking. It's quite difficult to find words to this feeling, as long as I am a positive person. And still not naive, but guys like this don't get old sane. That one of his...
  9. asandra

    Kanye West wished MJ had twitter, angry at media.

    Very objective post :clapping: This is real life, anyone can expect to be fully attacked since launching an attack to the President. Even if in USA, even if the president acts like being invincible. Is there any real person who doesn't care how is perceived by the others? There is a...
  10. asandra

    Positive websites and videos that celebrate MJ

    Hey, thank you, I shared this today on facebook. And of course, the number is bigger now: :clapping:
  11. asandra

    MJ TIME CAPSULE - for the next millenium.

    I am not fully aware how is going to preserve the right of this idea, but definetely you all should do that, IMO. I hope that MJJC Legacy Project members will go together, knowing that on facebook, information spreads fast and many outsiders may claim that they know it better... You know what...
  12. asandra

    MJ TIME CAPSULE - for the next millenium.

    Yes, yes, yes!!!!!!!! :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: billyworld, wondeful wonderful idea! I have chills and butterflies are all over me... This way, so many fans worldwide can literally be a physical part of his legacy. It's like we will bond with Earth and with his spirit, kind of a...
  13. asandra

    am i the only who saw some mj influence at the VMa's

    It is true and sad, I enterely subscribe. :doh: I didn't watch the show neither. Sounds that VMA counts less quality and classical-type messages and bets on something else... maybe sales, votes of too many disfunctional guys from the jury, originality until there is nothing left from the real...
  14. asandra

    I just love the way he sings certain parts of songs

    You know... Last year I was extremely sad, crying almost everyday... I shouldn't say it here, but I turned in an assumed tribute for him, deciding to play only his songs over and over and over... I've proudly found then, with my own very high levels of exigence (raised higher in time, if we...
  15. asandra

    I just love the way he sings certain parts of songs

    God knows how deeply you are right! It's a way how he ACTS this song, turning it into a RITUAL (let's remember we can't take the eyes off him when he TRACES his handwirst over his MOUTH...!!!)... Hey, this song is 22 years old, and I am still totally conquered by it! And believe me, I've seen...
  16. asandra

    I just love the way he sings certain parts of songs

    My mind pictures his beauuuuutiful teeth, taking that bite.... yummmmy! Soooooooooo dammmmmmmmmmn sexy, gosh!!!!!! :cheeky: Aaaaaaaaaaand: she likes the WAY I STARE!
  17. asandra

    I just love the way he sings certain parts of songs

    Goooooooooooshhhhhhhhh... May I say I love all that y'all like above? :wub: And in PUSH ME AWAY, I am definetely melting when he says: You push... YOU PUSH ME AWAY! Feels like he says so much in just few words!
  18. asandra

    Michael Jackson Held My Hand, Too (On the set of Scream)

    Hello, it was a genuine delight for me to read that experience, and to notice that between Michael's admirers (not specifically only on this forum), there are grown-up who kept along the years, inside their hearts, those moments in the same way they keep a treasure... like in a child's heart...
  19. asandra

    What happened with MJJ pictures?

    Hi all! I also tried for reach MMJ Pictures for almost 2 months, and still the same answer... If that tweet is still right, my hopes are back. But just wanted to add they also have all the pictures in groups by era and by most recent added, as long as I can remember. And the list numbers over...
  20. asandra

    Hello! I've just have a look on your site, and feel so much joy when seeing someone like you...

    Hello! I've just have a look on your site, and feel so much joy when seeing someone like you, trully gifted and sensitive, to speak so full of hope for Michael's messages, value and role for this life. Thank you and hope to hear soon from you!