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  1. Dudex

    Hot topic What unreleased demos and remixes do you think will be on Thriller 40 Disc 2?

    it was the only track leaked in much higher quality than other Thriller demos. i'm surprised you are waiting for this cause this was available for years
  2. Dudex

    Why is the Estate so lazy when it comes to 4K restorations?

    i'm pretty sure they already did it, just don't releasing them.
  3. Dudex

    What would This Is It have most likely looked like

    Travis Payne talked about exactly this in the one of postcasts he participated in. Don't remember exactly where. Maybe MJCast Looks like MJ was ready to go for it
  4. Dudex

    REAL Michael Jackson 4K Content

    true 4K here is only History Teaser
  5. Dudex

    New Janet doc with unseen clips of mj

    looking forward to see this Doc!
  6. Dudex

    Bad (Bluegrass Edition)

    i've enjoyed it a lot xD
  7. Dudex

    A Film Release Of Michael Jacksons Bad Tour 1988/89! PETITION | All help needed!

    it was posted on some site around early july 2009
  8. Dudex

    The Most Spin Rotations

    4 times spin in Monza only. 5 times spin in Copenhagen 92
  9. Dudex

    Was MJ working on debuting new dance moves for TII?

    same as in Moscow's theaters xD
  10. Dudex

    New Michael Jackson Documentary “Panther” coming in 2021

    looking forward to it! i think that would be another translation project for me
  11. Dudex

    1984 Pepsi Commercial in 4K

    looks awesome!!
  12. Dudex

    German Documentary “Michael Jackson: Auf der Suche nach der Wahrheit” (In Search of the Truth)

    i hope it will be available in english also. cause i can't translate german to russian
  13. Dudex

    MJ Good News Thread

    There was non-direct reference to LN and MJ in last episode of Shameless s10e06 in context of Kevin trying to make false allegations about his coach trying to be a part of group lawsuite.
  14. Dudex

    August 26th 1988 Wembley IJSCLY
  15. Dudex

    August 26th 1988 Wembley IJSCLY

    i can share flac if anyone interested
  16. Dudex

    August 26th 1988 Wembley IJSCLY

    check out TWYMMF from same show. This is only time i've heard him sang this part like that. second verse: "I swear I'm keepin' you satisfied 'Cause you're the one for me"