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  1. LLCz

    Celebrities Supporting Michael

    I think we need this as well. It seems we know all the people who are currently dragging Michael's name through the dirt, but let's put a list together of those who are coming to his defense about LN. Please add to the list with a name and short description of the person or post the posts or...
  2. LLCz

    Keep On Lovin' (New Nathan Jay Mix)

    Nathan Jay, the creator of "Take Me Away" is working on another MJ song. Please support him so that he'll continue to make these mixes.
  3. LLCz

    Rap Legend 'Heavy D' Dead At 44

    Rapper Heavy D died Tuesday, reports. He was 44. Heavy D, born as Dwight Arrington Myers, was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital around noon, and pronounced dead an hour later, according to the site. A 911 call placed at 11:25 am reported an unconscious male on the walkway of Heavy D's...
  4. LLCz

    VIDEO: Michael Autotuned To Create “Take Me Away”

    Take Me Away - New Unofficial Song HxvJUuRrVYM Thanks to Pentum for finding this.
  5. LLCz

    June 25th Song Intiative

    His this been posted? Is this allowed?
  6. LLCz

    Types Of Songs You Hope Michael Recorded

    What types of songs do you hope Michael recorded and eventually get released? A whole song sung like the the chorus of 12 O'Clock with a very relaxing melody. A mix between Whatever Happens and Blood On The Dancefloor with a Salsa-like style. A rap style song with a chorus like the "Jam"...
  7. LLCz

    List of Known Unreleased MJ Songs

    Heard: -Blue Gangsta -Escape -Slave To The Rhythm -Do You Know Where Your Children Are -Love Never Felt So Good -Night Line -Hot Street -Trouble -She Got It -If You Don't Love Me -Can't Get Your Weight Off Of Me -Don't Be Messin' -Groove Of Midnight -Work That Body -The Must Be More To Life...
  8. LLCz

    The Best Jackson/Jackson 5 Songs

    What are the best songs from the Jacksons/Jackson 5 with Michael's vocals? Some of my favorites are: Destiny Everybody All The Things You Are Walk Right Now Things I Do For You
  9. LLCz

    The Way You Love Me

    This by far my favorite song by anyone. Why was it no put on an album? Putting it on TUC wasted it IMO. Anyone else agree?
  10. LLCz

    REQ: Michael Re-Colored

    A year or so ago, there was a thread with edited pics of Michael, I don't think it was the photoshop thread. It had the blonde pics of MJ and other photoshops. It also had a few pics of MJ Re-colored brown. Does anyone still have these pictures? Thanks.
  11. LLCz

    Michael's Diet

    I heard Michael went on a diet in the 80s. Does anyone have a link to a site with more information on this or could someone explain it to me? Thank You and God Bless, LLCz
  12. LLCz

    "Anyone Notice?" Thread

    Post intresting/unusual things that you noticed in the movie here. *During "I'll Be There" when they show him wearing the gold jacket, he is wearing "Billie Jean" style pants. *During the beginning of "TWYMF", he removes part of his microphone. *Michael Moonwalks during "Smooth Criminal". I...