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  1. mjlover43

    I am lost without Michael Jackson here on Earth

    I am lost without Michael Jackson here on Earth. A peice of me has been taking to heaven with him. I can not sleep without thinking about him every nigh. I have been crying non stop ever since his death. I was wondering if anybody else feels the same way as I do right now?
  2. mjlover43

    REQ Does anybody have pictures of Michael Jackson's eyes (non Photoshoped Pics Please!)

    I just love Michael Jackson's eyes every time I look in his eyes I just melt so does anybody have Michael Jackson's eyes Pictures please no Photoshop altered Pictures Please . I am asking this because I am also trying to draw Michael Jackson in Manga style and I need a close up of his eyes so...
  3. mjlover43

    my artwork from deviant art

    these are my art pieces that i did and posted on deviant art