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  1. IvanaIloveMJ

    No Sleep (New Single)

    Janet Jackson's 'No Sleeep': Behind The Scenes!
  2. IvanaIloveMJ

    No Sleep (New Single)

    I like the solo version of the song..
  3. IvanaIloveMJ

    Janet Jackson announces new album

    Listen to Janet’s new single “No Sleeep” in full
  4. IvanaIloveMJ

    'Monument to Michael Jackson' ...Serbian film (fiction)

    Monument To Michael Jackson at Neverland Ranch Gate February 2 Saturday, April 25 3 Awards! >Grand Jury Prize + Best Actor Award for Boris Milivojevic at Nashville Film Festival!! + Grand Jury Prize at A l'Est du Nouveau France!
  5. IvanaIloveMJ

    Tom Sneddon dies of cancer

    I' m so happy. Thank You God ! :)
  6. IvanaIloveMJ

    Brooklyn LOVES Michael ?!?

    I love You Spike !
  7. IvanaIloveMJ

    Do You Like Morphine?

    I love it! :)
  8. IvanaIloveMJ

    'Monument to Michael Jackson' ...Serbian film (fiction)

    GRAND PRIX for Monument To Michael Jackson- prize for best film, at Montenegro Film Festival Herceg Novi. Congratulations ! :)
  9. IvanaIloveMJ

    A Place With No Name (Second Single from Xscape) Discussion

    I love the original version of this song. I miss you Mike..
  10. IvanaIloveMJ

    New dark comedy: Monument to Michael Jackson.
  11. IvanaIloveMJ

    SLAVE TO THE RHYTHM Impersonator (From Brazil)

    Thales , You're great ! Kiss for U :-*
  12. IvanaIloveMJ

    FIFA World Cup 2014

    Congratulations Germaaaaanyyyyyy !!!!!!! :D:D:D
  13. IvanaIloveMJ

    POLLS: Name Your Favorite Album in 2014…So Far

    I voted too :)
  14. IvanaIloveMJ

    FIFA World Cup 2014

    Germany will be on top of the world ! Go !