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  1. dancingthedream

    MJJ Documentary: From the Fans

    To All The Fans:A group of us are gathering through social media to create a Fanmade documentary that puts to rest all of the rumors and slander that circulates Michael on a daily basis. We cannot do it alone. Our fan base is one of the largest, most influential groups in the world. If we do...
  2. dancingthedream

    Philosophies of a King

    It is a well known fact that Michael had a unique sense of the world. One that sparked ceaseless humanitarian efforts in all aspects. From children around the globe to animals and nature, Michael put forth countless donations and backed a plethora of organizations with a goal to heal the world...
  3. dancingthedream

    Michael Jackson Diamond Celebration

    The well anticipated 60th Birthday celebration is approaching. The estate will be hosting a party at Mandalay Bay after the show performances the night of the 29th and other events will occur throughout the day. I'd love to meet some new people this year and was wondering who all is going? Is it...
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    My fic is a bit too long to post in forum style so I'm dropping the link instead. Book 1: "It's an adventure, it's a great adventure. There's nothing to be nervous about. They just want wonderful experiences. We want to...
  5. dancingthedream

    Has anyone read this b**S***?

    Sorry if already posted somewhere else Does anyone know if this is true?
  6. dancingthedream

    NAVI to perform in MALTA!!!!

    Monday 30th March at Skyclub I already bought the tickets!! YAY I got the chance to see Navi live too :D
  7. dancingthedream

    Anyone from Malta?

    just curious... :)
  8. dancingthedream

    A question regarding new album release date

    When do you think Michael will confirm the release date of his new album? I mean many of us and everyone is expecting the album this year ( I hope so!!:angel:) So if the album is going to be relased, lets say before Summer, then I think MIchael is about to announce the date of the release...