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  1. Best prints for each album?

    Doubling this thread from 2000 Watts for more exposure. I’ve did some research a while ago about the best prints of the albums. My conclusions were: - Best OTW: vinyl UK first pressing/Japanese 1991 CD - Best Thriller: vinyl US first pressing/Japanese 2000 SACD - Best Bad (lol) : vinyl...
  2. Xscape demos - different than the leaks?

    Is there any difference between the Xscape demos and the leaks we have? In terms of quality I ask, since the mixes are pretty much the same. Did we get confirmation from anywhere that there are newer mixes for the songs? Same can be asked about the Michael demos.
  3. Any experience with BSCD2s of MJ?

    Hello boiz, I just randomly came across a “BSCD2” CD of the Bad album in a.Music store. Does anyone have any info regarding this format? All the info I find online is either old (BSCD1) or contradictory {quick cash grab/sounds amazing). I know that a good master gives a good sound in any format...
  4. Olly Murs' new video a tribute to Michael

    It's not officially a tribute, but you can see a lot of Michael's moves there. Nice song.
  5. [REQ] IJCSLY during TII rehearsals HQ

    Is there a HQ version of this online?
  6. Michael Jackson - Love Never Felt So Good (DM CLASSIC RADIO MIX)

    It seems they uploaded a new remix on the VEVO channel. I don't understand what they are doing anymore...
  7. [REQ] XSCAPE (Walmart Version)

    Is there anyone from UK who is able to buy/send me the Walmart Versions of XSCAPE with free digital copy? I'll be sending the money via PayPal. Thanks! :dancin:
  8. Rob Disner - Dangerous 25 related post

    Rob Disner posted this on his wall:
  9. [REQ] Steady-Laughing avatars?

    Does somebody have this by any chance? Thanks!
  10. [REQ] HIStory live in Brunei HQ photos (New Eve concert)

    Pretty please? :ph34r::ph34r:
  11. [SUGGESTION] MJ lyric section

    So, lately I've been having Eminem's whole discography on repeat (don't hate me for listening to him, I'm in love with his music! :P) I've searched some of his lyrics for having the best listening experience (listening to some vinyl rips in 24 bit), until I found a site named Rap Genius...
  12. [REQ] "What More Can I Give" Studio Photos

    Are there any of it?
  13. Michael Prince & Brad Buxer - Secret Project (Confirmed MJ related - Post #155)

    I was surfing around the internet and found out this. Any thoughts about it? (I REALLY hope it's regarding MJ so that's why I posted it in this section, sorry if eventually it won't be!) More info about "The KORE" thanks to Bubs! UPDATE 15/03/2013...
  14. Three Days Grace (alternative rock band) honors Michael with a tribute cover of "Give In To Me"

    Three Days Grace (alternative rock band) honors Michael with a tribute cover of "Give In To Me" Most people here won't like it, but I really love this band and I think the new guitar is a killer! :D Skip to 3:00 to hear the preview availalbe on The full song will be available on...
  15. My Tribute for June 25th

  16. All In Your Name feat. MJ - Video AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD [UPDATE] New Clip pg 10

  17. [REQ] "This Is It" picture in higher quality

    Does anybody have this picture in higher quality? :) Thanks in advice.