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  1. amygrace

    Doing a GIVEAWAY :)

    Hey everyone! I haven't been active 'round these parts in a little awhile. Hope the fan world is well here. :) Anyway, I recently I created a digital painting of Michael: And I wanted to give a heads up that I'm giving it away in print, on a large gallery wrapped canvas! I'll be doing a...
  2. amygrace

    His Afterglow

    Hey guys, I haven't been around here in awhile but wanted to pop back in to share a song I had written about Michael back in January and am just getting around to making public as we near Michael's birthday. This song is very dear to me, as it expresses the exquisite pain in truly discovering...
  3. amygrace

    The summer sun has never looked so grim

    This is a song I recently wrote...and my first MJ vid compilation. Wanted to share. I hope you guys like it. I know you will at least understand. Gah I miss him so much. :weeping: LYRICS: Sweet summer sunshine, Your harsh light is hurting my eyes...
  4. amygrace

    We're an Army for Peace, Armed with L-O-V-E

    Hey everyone! Wanted to share this song I wrote last night for the whole mjfam, called "Army of Love"...hehe. I really had fun with it. You can listen here: I like to think of it as a little anthem and reminder not only to others outside our circle but to everyone...
  5. amygrace

    Katherine's song - A Mother's Love

    Hey guys, wanted to share a song I wrote last night about Michael, for Katherine. I know this is a tough month for all of us.... I can't imagine what Katherine is going through. :cry: So this one goes out to her, and anyone who has lost a child. Hope you guys like it. It's called "A Mother's...
  6. amygrace

    The Gold Pants Song

    Hey guys! I wrote a song yesterday about the glory of the gold on Michael :wild::giggle: and wanted to share it. It's a super scratch track with some errors and my voice kinda sucks, but's all for love! Sweet sweet Michael love...:shifty: Hope you guys enjoy it and I actually get some...
  7. amygrace

    REQ: Red shirt pic

    Does anyone have a bigger or better quality version of this? :pray:
  8. amygrace

    Michael and Me

    Wanted to share my first ever real shot at a painting. I really wanted a pic of me and Michael hugging but couldn't photoshop it quite right so I figured I'd just try painting it! I'm glad I did because I had a lot of fun and it feels so special to me. :wub: Hope you guys like it. :)...
  9. amygrace

    Michael & the KFC Problem

    I would guess we have more meat eaters here than vegetarians, so many of you have probably never given thought to this at all...but it's something that I have wondered about and has actually bugged me quite a bit...and that is Michael and his love for KFC. Obviously, I understand the...
  10. amygrace

    Thriller Finger Dance!

    I thought this was way cool :lol: ... (Sorry if it's been shared before...I searched but didn't find it.)
  11. amygrace

    Req: Michael in polka dotted tie

    Does anyone have this pic in HQ? Or at least bigger than mine?
  12. amygrace

    Great Song about Michael's death!

    This was written as if from Michael's perspective on his death. I thought I'd share with you I really love it. :) Listen here: And here are the lyrics: "SOUL SURVIVOR" He thought he could take me, take me down And walk over my ashes He...
  13. amygrace

    Video of the Day

    Since we have a picture of the day thread...I thought we should have a video one too! So post your favorite video clip of the day! (NOT MJ related) My first contribution: Omg shoes! :lol: (warning: contains some bad language)
  14. amygrace

    He will come to you

    Just wanted to share some words and a little creation I did of Michael. Like my other photos I have of him on my blog, this just kinda showed up for me tonight and created itself: Michael lives on :angel:
  15. amygrace

    Doctors speak out against the H1N1 Vaccine

    A MUST see: Not only this vaccine, but all vaccines in general are BAD news, despite what most Doctors say. Just as the public is lied to constantly by the media, were sadly also lied to by Doctors. It's SO good to see some of them act in good...
  16. amygrace

    I made a MJ shirt for my 4 year old <3

    I am taking my daughter with me to see This Is It next Wednesday, since we both love Michael.
  17. amygrace

    Post your flickr account!

    With the board issues we lost the thread on this. Here is mine again:
  18. amygrace


    One thing I love about Michael's music aside from his rockin' beats and inspiring lyrics - is the extra little sounds and acrobats he does with his voice. When I was listening to Butterflies today I noticed a part I hadn't before that is frikkin' amazing and just crazy beautiful to me. From...
  19. amygrace

    Song by me

    EDITED: since this is now in the archives I'm just takin' it wasn't finished yet anywho. Will share again when it is! :D
  20. amygrace

    My Michael Drawing

    Ok don't laugh...I haven't done a sketch like this in YEARS...about 4 years to be precise. I used to draw all the time but once I got into graphic design I kinda stopped. Michael inspired me to pick up the pencil again. :) So this one's for him! :wub: