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  1. Fayik

    MJ "Scream" T-Shirts?

    Does anyone know of any t-shirts I can get that have a picture from the Scream video set? I feel like anything like a black t-shirt with a picture from the Scream video would be awesome and I feel like there has to be ones made out there. Anyone know of any? Maybe one where he like smashes the...
  2. Fayik


    I just realized Michael uses the name "Susie" a lot in his songs, why do you think that is? Is there a reason for it? In Superfly Sister he says "Susie likes to agitate," in Blood on the Dancefloor, Susie is the antagonist again, and then of course a whole song built around "Little Susie."...
  3. Fayik

    Why You Wanna Trip on Me

    Am I the only one who really doesn't like this song? I can't tell if it's a fan favorite or a fan hated? I never really see any discussion on this song being that 3/4 of Dangerous was released as a single and this being one of those that weren't- most people tend to just not discuss it. So let's...
  4. Fayik

    Where are Interviews About Invincible?

    Can anyone lead me to any articles or videos where Michael or people that worked on the album talk about Invincible? I'd really like ones where Michael talks about it though.
  5. Fayik

    Teddy Riley Thinks Michael Is Still Alive...

    On, in the last 2 minutes of the video interview with Teddy he says he believes Michael is still alive considering "facts that he knows." Hmmm, crazy! LOL!
  6. Fayik

    The Michael Jackson Eras; Share Your Memories!

    This is a thread that I wanted to make for a while, I'd love for everybody to share their memories of the different Michael eras, such as Off the Wall, Bad, Dangerous, etc. Any tours you went to? Music video premieres? Album release parties? Single choices you totally disagreed with? Singles...
  7. Fayik

    Surprising Lead Singles

    I'm surprised from some of Michael's lead singles for some albums. Thriller - "The Girl Is Mine" What? I would've never thought this would be released a single, but as LEAD single? That shocked me... Bad - "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" WHAT?! Out of all the songs he could've chose as lead...
  8. Fayik

    Fly Away.

    The first 50 seconds. Damn :wub:
  9. Fayik

    World Tour Books?

    Do you guys have any scans or pictures of the Bad Tour Book, Dangerous Tour Book, & HIStory Tour Book? You know, the books you can buy at the concert in the merchandise booths?
  10. Fayik

    What Is This Magazine?

    My mom bought it for me today but I don't even know what company it is? Anybody seen it? It has the same cover picture for Ebony back in '07 & says Over 200 Stunning Photos on the top and says MICHAEL JACKSON FROM CHILD STAR TO THE GREATEST SHOWMAN ONE ARTH HIS AMAZING STORY on the bottom. And...
  11. Fayik

    Britney's Official Album Title: 'Circus' + First Single: 'Womanizer'

    First Single "Womanizer" Is Slated To Hit Radio On September 22nd Jive/Zomba recording artist Britney Spears announces her sixth studio album, Circus, set for release December 2nd. The first single from the album is titled "Womanizer" and was produced by the up-and-coming Atlanta production...
  12. Fayik

    New britney song and video of her rehearsing!!!

    Omfg omfg omfg omfg omfg omfg omfg omfg its at u dying here!!! Ive been dancing for so long i think i died alread.y.....this song = hot hot hot hot comeeebackk bitchess!!
  13. Fayik

    Gimme Moah Appreciation Thread

    It's Britney Bitch :D
  14. Fayik

    "One More Chance At Love... One More Chance..."

    Isn't this song so lovely? Everything about it is so... *sigh* :wub:
  15. Fayik

    LL Cool J & 50 Cent featuring Michael Jackson - "Feel My Heart Beat" Is this real?
  16. Fayik

    Threatened: Music Video

    If he was to make a music video for 'Threatened' which is one of my favorite Michael songs of all time, this is what I would imagine it to look like, and what I would really want it to look like. You guys can share your thoughts on my idea and can share your own ideas too! So the video...
  17. Fayik

    Hold Michael's Hand

    Post pictures of artist/people holding Michael's hand! And vice-versa!
  18. Fayik

    The Ultimate Off The Wall Thread

    Yes, this thread's idea was taken from the "Ultimate Invincible Thread" but I decided that each of his albums deserve a thread for their own, with ideas, opinions, art, and fans with lots of thought from the album. Each topic will be different, once I decide that a topic of the album is...
  19. Fayik

    Ashanti's The Declaration

    This is a FANTASTIC album! Her best album, I love it sooo much! Ya'll better cop it! :D
  20. Fayik

    iTunes Presents: The World Of Michael Jackson! iTunes Presents: The World of Michael Jackson iTunes has recently unveiled a "World of..." section of their store, which showcases select artists who have significantly contributed to the music scene. Today, on U.S. iTunes, the newly released "The World of...