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  1. Mjkop4ever

    Thankyou, we found each other! <3

    HilarylovesMJ (Hilla) and I (Yann) would like to thank this great forum for getting us in touch about 2 years ago. Now we are in love and in a relationship and we have seen each other several times and we plan to be together in the future! :wub: ^_^ Thankyou Michael, thankyou the staff of MJJC...
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    This thread is for people who wanna have fun and express their thought! :lol: Let's go for crazy thoughts now! :lol: Everybody is welcome here! :D
  3. Mjkop4ever

    I don't want to...

    Very easy! Post things that you don't wanna do! -------------------------- I don't want to work tomorrow! :P
  4. Mjkop4ever

    Looking for this picture in a better quality!

    Does someone have this picture in a better quality and maybe without the marks ?? Many thanks! :)
  5. Mjkop4ever

    Deezer members ??

    Who has a Deezer account ?? :)
  6. Mjkop4ever

    What are you going to do ??

    Just post what you are going to do soon! :) -------------------- I'm going to sleep soon and tomorrow I'm going to buy my tickets for "This is it"! :)
  7. Mjkop4ever

    - Happy Birthday Wendijane!!! -

    Happy Birthday hun! ;) Have a nice day! :holiday:
  8. Mjkop4ever

    Vote: Will Michael Jackson have a strong influence on the Music History ?? Please, vote "oui" :D Thanks!
  9. Mjkop4ever

    August 29th : Official Michael Jackson's Day !! Who's in ??

    Who would like to see the August 29th being the Official Michael Jackson's Day ?? :wild: I don't know if it's possible but it could be be great if each year we celebrate this day!! I mean that this day would be respected by all the world!! If you're in, please forward the information to all...
  10. Mjkop4ever

    Members you are looking for!

    If you have no news from a member since what happened, please post its name here, and so maybe some other people have heard from her/him! ---------------------------- I'm looking for GirlyGirl !! :( We have no news from her! :( If someone has heard from her, please tell us!
  11. Mjkop4ever

    Am I the only one who feels alone in this world ??

    I mean I'm at work and it looks like a normal day! People here feels good, they're smiling, laughing whereas I feel sad! :( Morever I'm not in my home country so I can't speak french with other people about what happened! :( I feel alone! :(
  12. Mjkop4ever

    I have never seen Michael for real in my life! :(

    I have never seen him and I won't! :( I feel so sad about that! :( He was my life, I really wanted to see him at least one time! :( I'll see you in heaven Michael! :pray:
  13. Mjkop4ever

    Chipmunks Style!

    Okay, everybody knows who are the Chipmunks ?? :polling: So this is a thread specially dedicated to them! :D Post all your favorite song! and of course have fun! :lol: ------------------------- I start with some crazy Michael Jackson songs with Chipmunk style! :wild: lol :lol...
  14. Mjkop4ever

    Can you help me ?? xD

    Okay, I was listening to "Lovely one" from bad Tour Brisbane and I can't catch what Michael is singing at a moment! Maybe you can help me ?? Go to 4:28 :) It starts by "You know ...????.... love you baby" thx :)
  15. Mjkop4ever

    Kanye West Appreciation Thread

    Okay, I open a thread for this man 'cause I really like his music! Hope you like him too! Here are some of my favorite songs! Enjoy! :)
  16. Mjkop4ever

    R.Kelly Appreciation Thread

    Hi everybody! :) I just wanted to open a thread for this man! I really like his music! Please post your favorite songs in this thread and enjoy! :) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- I start with one of my fave song... "I believe I can fly" "The...
  17. Mjkop4ever

    Anybody has already bought items on Club MJJCommunity ?? ???????
  18. Mjkop4ever

    Post your favorite songs!

    I start with my song of the moment! :D Enjoy!!
  19. Mjkop4ever

    FREE video download of ‘Billie Jean’!‏

    I just received this email ! -------------------------------------------------------- 50 SOLD OUT Nights The O2 arena London As a thank you for your interest and support of Michael Jackson's London performances, Sony Music and iTunes are giving all French residents a FREE...
  20. Mjkop4ever

    Which members are attending and what dates? [ Updated list on page 1 ]

    OPENING NIGHT : Monday, July 13th Lorraine big DB Michaele jayjackson starone_angel michaelsson damien shields Roxanne SunsetDriver MJ_FANtastic SuperLee belindaserafin *Navi* elusive moonwalker MJBlanket snorlaaax MJsSpecialFan MJsno1Girl LovingMJ TheFaze mj_insane Janey funksoulpop2009...