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  1. MissyJackson

    design skills are back baby !!!! [Merged]

    been workin a lot plus Uni exams and classes so i have been MIA here but heres something i thought u would all like i do take requests to do these designs just hit me up on IM or Facebook chat cant guarentee that ur PMs will be answered here but i will try anyways enjoy with L.O.V.E
  2. MissyJackson

    these aernt michael but i designed them

    these aernt michael but i designed them
  3. MissyJackson


    i absolutely adore this new artist DARKRYJIN download and listen to his latest album and single here at
  4. MissyJackson

    Fizzy Jelly

    right guys some of you may think im off my head some may think im creative but today i bring to you my latest creation food wise it is Fizzy Jelly or jello for the americans food needed 1 jelly fizzy soda pop water fridge bowl for when its ready oh and a spoon :lol:
  5. MissyJackson

    which members do you love here at mjjc show the L.O.V.E

    diana hart lovemjackson aka daffodil angeliki jessica aka 8701grl me :lmao: what a joke dance of zeneb aka the cake eating girl :lol: michaellover83 aka mel samantha aka smnth i love you all despite my ups and downs with some of the members here i hold so much love for you all and may life...
  6. MissyJackson

    Einstein the baby horse

    According to a report by Sky News, Einstein, a pinto stallion, was born Friday, April 23 in the United States and hit the ground at an astonishing six pounds. "At first he didn't move very much," breeder Judy Smith, of New Hampshire's Tiz A Miniature Horse Farm was quoted as saying. She also...
  7. MissyJackson

    JUSTICE FOR MJ T-shirt idea

    on thursday i am having a justice for michael jackson t-shirt made trouble is i dont know which pictures to have its out of these two i really like them so guys please help me choose as im goin bald here just choosing :lol: these two seem my best option
  8. MissyJackson

    the LoveMJackson and Angelik chat show thread LMAO

    Heres where 2 of the sweetest girls of my life will run their chats :lmao: go ahead girls steal the show
  9. MissyJackson

    dear michael

    Michael :cry: If only I could stop the clock and turn back the hands of time, To a moment in a crowded room when your eyes looked into mine. If only I could walk once more and see you on tour . If only I could lie again in the warmth of your embrace, To feel your tender love. You were always...
  10. MissyJackson

    whats your weird breakfast cravings

    dedicated to dance of zeneb who eats chicken and chocolate cake for breakfast :lmao: when i did eat it was popcorn now its a mug of tea sometimes 4 in one go :lol:
  11. MissyJackson

    something im working on while sick

    this is a rough poem im trying to write for michael its very sketchy at the moment as i have pnemonia so please give me some time on this here it is so far Michael now the lord laid you down to sleep i pray the lord with your soul to keep and though u died before i woke i prayed the...
  12. MissyJackson

    desperate help with insomnia

    Desperate help with insomnia ive had it for the past 2 years on and off not being able to sleep well today ive not slept properly for over 30 hours and its now taking its toll on me i keep fainting took a few sleep aids before and nothing works anyone got any quick tips on how to help it im...
  13. MissyJackson

    2 rare pics from the trial era

    some i screencapped from videos
  14. MissyJackson

    Michael was a blackbelt apparently

    Michael was apparently a blackbelt is this true cuz according to this picture it looks true
  15. MissyJackson

    i screencapped this from the part of the trial

    white suit lovers look no further i screencapped this picture and its my facebook profile pic at the moment cant resist that look hes giving :lol: and then theres these two from the same day talk about looking like an angel anyone got any from this day i think it was september 17th 2004...
  16. MissyJackson

    Texas plane crash 'may be deliberate tax office attack'

    Page last updated at 19:49 GMT, Thursday, 18 February 2010 Texas plane crash 'may be deliberate tax office attack' Flames engulf the building after the plane crashed US law enforcement officials are investigating whether a plane that hit a building in Austin, Texas, was a deliberate attack...
  17. MissyJackson

    meet my tarantula

    meet my tarantula hes a goliath bird eater
  18. MissyJackson

    siggy request

    anyone able to do me a siggy and avatar with this pic ?? thanx in advance
  19. MissyJackson

    superbowl orange

    the annoying orange at the superbowl :lmao: