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  1. Quincy Jones presents: Off The Wall, Thriller, Bad

    Sorry if this has been posted. Sounds great! I’ll definitely be going to this. For the first time EVER, Quincy Jones will present the world-changing albums he created with Michael Jackson: ‘Off The Wall’, ‘Thriller’, and ‘Bad’, LIVE IN CONCERT. This one-off show at The O2 on Sunday 23 June...
  2. Women's reaction to watching Michael is pricless..

    Saw this somewhere else and had to share. I hadn't seen this myself! Her face :lol:
  3. Rare Bad Tour Footage?

    Sorry if this has been posted before or if it's not new.. :woohoo: EDIT: Just watched it all and OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wub: This is something else!!
  4. **** Michael Jackson Fans say... ( Soooo funny! ) LOL!!!

    I just love this girl! :lol: I know we all relate to some of the things she say's LOL!! Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4
  5. Speechless09 is in the HOT SEAT!

    Hello! :) What is your favorite dessert? Do you like to travel? Do you visit MJJC every day?
  6. mjjangel2002 is in the HOT SEAT!

    Hello! :hiya: How long have you been an MJ fan? :) What other artists do you like? Have you ever been to a concert?
  7. Stuart_Thriller is in the HOT SEAT!

    Hi :D What is your favourite Beatles song? :P What season do you like best? Can you cook?
  8. Mikage Souji is in the HOT SEAT!

    Hello! :waving: Question time! Do you have any pets? What is your favourite sport? Do you prefer to take showers or baths?
  9. ginvid is in the HOT SEAT!

    Hello! :waving: What Michael Jackson album do you most play right now? Can you sing? What's your favorite holiday destination?
  10. Lorraine is in the HOT SEAT!

    Get firing those questions at me. :bugeyed :lol:
  11. Request a HOT SEAT

    Would you like to ask other members questions? Would you like to answer questions about yourself? Then request a HOT SEAT!! Place requests in here and a staff member will create a thread for you. :D Have fun!!! :wild:
  12. Lady Gaga Appreciation Thread - For Fans

    Who's a little Monster? :D Lets talk Gaga! I've been enjoying her music for a while and I have only just got round to purchasing her first album.. Still haven't got the new one but shall be soon :happy:
  13. Elizabeth Taylor Rushed to hospital [Reports]

    As Michael's closest friend, I feel this should be posted here. Not sure how true these reports are, But I am praying things aren't as bad as being reported :( ___ ELIZABETH Taylor has been rushed to hospital suffering intense abdominal pain and is now in a critical condition, surrounded...
  14. People are bidding on this? :( That is Navi and the signature clearly isn't Michael's.. :mello: I have just sent a report.. People shouldn't be able to get away with this!
  15. The SEXY BELT thread.

    I know I am not alone in loving the belts. :P :D :wild: :wub: I love the way it sits on his hips. :heat: :naughty: I hope there isn't a sexy belt thread already? If so.... opps. :blush:
  16. Wii trouble.. lol

    A few months ago my daughter knocked her wii over and since then I haven't been able to get the disc that is in there out.. I press eject and you just get this weird noise of it spinning. Any experts that would know how to get it out here? I can't see a way of getting the thing open. :mello:
  17. Found 2 little bargins today. :D

    May not be very the rarest of items I know lol.. But still what a bargin!! 20p each :D :P Scream Promo CD single. History ( 7" History Lesson Edit ) Promo CD single. Edit: Actually just checked Ebay, They have the Scream promo.. It isn't doing too bad...
  18. What was the first ever single you purchased?

    Mine was... The Eurythmics - There Must be an angel.
  19. 25.06.2010 Your events of the day..

    Whether you spent the day in mouring or if you celebrated Michael's life.. Lets share our events of this very sad day. I am hoping for a quiet day to take time to reflect and remember Michael. I will be meeting with other fans at Regents park London where we will sit and gather our...