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    Your Fave Bad Era Photos <3

    [b]Re: Youre Fave Bad Era Photos
  2. MJ_Rocks My World

    How Are You Feeling Today?

    Re: How are you feeling today? Sooo ill :( ughhhh think ive got the flu
  3. MJ_Rocks My World

    Hello! I am new!

    Hii :) welcome here, glad you found MJ again :wink: keep going ya thing girrl! Id love to study the bible and do a degree in it, sounds like a rewarding and amazing job and very exiting :) god bless you :)
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    How Are You Feeling Today?

    Re: How are you feeling today? Ummm...hungryyy
  5. MJ_Rocks My World

    Jaws: Horror or not?

    I can't even watch the gore bits i close my eyes, and the jump scares agh, i'd say it was a thriller? Maybe? It's kinda like a horror though...cause its gore is horrible :lol: i guess it comes down to opinion :)
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    What food are you craving right now? :P

    I want like some sort of craving crunchy lettuce with caesar salad dressing :lol:
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    The going to bed and logging off thread

    Well, logged back in after a looong time of hibernation...time to say night night :) nice to be back x
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    The person below me has eaten? ?

    No but damn i want too now :( Tpbm has eaten soup today?
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    What's Your Favorite word to Hate?

    The word makes me feel like ew, it just looks and sounds so weird! And moist, dont really like that either lol :lol:
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    1000 reasons to love Michael

    57 his adorable "giggle" :P
  11. MJ_Rocks My World

    Guess who posts next...

    YESSS WOO! Someone who also loves to dance :D
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    Say It In One Word...ONLY.

    Re: say it in one word...ONLY. Tired
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    If you could give Michael a present...

    Man id love to give him something cute and sweet, like a teddy bear or something, is that too obvious? :P
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    When Was the Last Time?

    Re: When was the last time..? Today actually :) When was the last time you fed a duck
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    What is your weather like?

    COLD english winter brrr :s
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    What was the last thing you bought?

    Cakes and lots of them lol
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    The Epic Thread of Random-ness [MERGED]

    Re: Random Thoughts Even though its like nearly 3am...the night is so beautiful and peaceful...but my eyes hurt i need to sleep lol night night :)
  18. MJ_Rocks My World

    What are you doing this very second?

    Lying in bed awake...its 2:49am...why am i awake...agh