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  1. Invincible2k1

    This MJ impersonator tho.

    I definitely laughed hard at this one! xD That was well done, lolololololol!
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    How great does Michael sound on vinyl

    So, I've been collecting records for almost 3 years and started out collecting all things Michael and J5 related. I absolutely love how those albums sound on vinyl. But,for me, it also depends on if I have remastered versions of the album or not. I am finicky, so I actually prefer used copies of...
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    Post Your Favourite MJ Picture of the Day

    Re: Your fave Michael Jackson picture of the day This is my favorite photo of the day! Gosh, he was always so purdy! :D :wub: :rofl:
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    Dirty Diana Vs Give Into Me

    Give In To Me, definitely. I love Slash's guitar work. They always did great work. Plus, Michael is lookin' good in the video (as always):greenD:
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    The Last Person to Post in This Thread Wins

    Re: The last person to post in this thread wins! Not quite! :D
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    Invincible2k1 is in the HOTseat

    That's quite helpful; I think I just might make a sticky note of this for my computer! Thank you very much Daryll748! :D
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    Invincible2k1 is in the HOTseat

    I agree! My ultimate dream is to figure out what I am meant to do in life and do it. It's not the most amazing wish, but I'm at the point of young adulthood where I have no clue about anything I want to do, lol. I've never been to Disneyland, but I'm sure I would love anything Captain EO...
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    JUST LEAKED: Ghosts 1993 (Snippet) + Seeing Voices (Long Snippet)

    This is really awesome! I love when things we haven't seen yet show up! :D
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    Doggone is in the HOTseat

    I'm in college also at a school called Baylor University and I'm studying psychology (now. I just recently changed my major, lol). Don't give up on your dreams though! You'll just have to work extra hard, but it'll be worth it once you achieve what you want! Nice! I've never really listened...
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    The Last Person to Post in This Thread Wins

    Re: The last person to post in this thread wins! I believe it is I who is winning? :imbad
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    Say It In One Word...ONLY.

    Re: say it in one word...ONLY. Peaceful :D
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    I need some help picking out songs for my next sing recital

    Rockstar, how would you describe your "singing personality"?
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    VEVO removes comment sections from MJ videos on YouTube

    I appreciate freedom of speech but, when it becomes speech that is disruptive to the lives others because some lack respect, I rather them just not allow anyone to comment. It's pretty sad because Sony shouldn't have to treat us like children that don't know how to sit down and mind our manners...
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    Most underrated MJ’s work

    I agree with you on this, Maq! However, it's not really not the length for me, but the tracks are slower so it feels like it kind of drags out. I'm beginning to appreciate that fact more though because it's his last album of material he approved of being released and it's kind of like two albums...
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    Invincible2k1 is in the HOTseat

    The book takes place in a fictional town in Georgia in the 1940s. The small community is made up of mostly whites with the exception of blacks living on the outskirts and poorly kept up part of the town. The story revolves around the friendship (that was made forcibly by family members but...
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    A Michael Appreciation Post

    I just thought I share one of my favorite short films by Michael :D
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    Daryll748 Is In The HOTSEAT!

    Of course! I think it's awesome seeing how plants develop from these tiny little seeds to these flowers and trees and various other plants we see. The miracle of life is quite amazing! :D
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    Karom Is In The HOT SEAT

    No problem! Childhood is a definite tear-jerker for me too. Be Not Always also! It's one of those songs that can put life into perspective. I've never read The Lord of the Rings. I've thoroughly enjoyed some of the movies (as I haven't seen them all). I'm sure the books are way better though...
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    Invincible2k1 is in the HOTseat

    Ah, okay! That makes a lot of sense! Thanks for explaining!
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    Daryll748 Is In The HOTSEAT!

    Hehe,you sound just like a mother talking about her children :) I have that same Michael Jackson Dangerous poster too! Isn't it just beautiful? :wub: I don't know if someone asked already, but what made you get into planting? How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck...