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  1. mjlover4lyf

    I saw Jackie Jackson at the mall... (in Vegas)

    I saw him Thursday night.. So cool... didn't get to say hi... but i did smile at him.. just cause. Before I realized it was Jackie Jackson, he was too far away... Plus I was working ... so i couldn't go follow him. That made my day! I did get to take a candid shot of him.. (he was with this...
  2. mjlover4lyf

    Our version of "Human Nature"...

    Check it out! :) Comments are appreciated. :D Watch in HD.. (it makes a Huge Difference). lol. :)
  3. mjlover4lyf

    MJ doodles I do at work. :)

    This was the first one i Did.. i was listening to Billie Jean at work and since I couldnt really dance while working, i drew this instead. Then my boyfriend decided to invert the pic... which was pretty cool!! Then today i was bored at work again... and doodled this.. :D
  4. mjlover4lyf

    My "Best of Joy" cover :)

    Just sharing the L.O.V.E. let me know what you think. :) thanks!
  5. mjlover4lyf

    Me singin "Human Nature". :)

    Check this one out... (older vid) Just recently i decided to actually record it... Check this version out: Lemme know what you think! :D Dont hesitate to add me up on FaceBook! Check link...
  6. mjlover4lyf

    MJ cover song (Billie Jean)

    This one's for you MJ! Hope you guys like it. --- I miss him dearly. :(
  7. mjlover4lyf

    MJ fans in Las Vegas?

    Anything going on for MJ fans in Las Vegas on the 25th? Let's meet up guys!
  8. mjlover4lyf

    My music. :)

    Tell me what you think about my music, and covers. :) I'll try to do more cover songs by MJ. :) Newest song: THANKS> :)
  9. mjlover4lyf

    Vegas MJ fans. :D Let's see it again!

    Who wants to see it again? :D
  10. mjlover4lyf

    MJ road sign. lol. :)

    Just thought it looked cool. :):clapping::punk:
  11. mjlover4lyf

    My MJ designed room + collections.

    Tell me what you think.. it's not much.. cuz i lost a lot of MJ books and cassettes :cry: when i moved here in the U.S.
  12. mjlover4lyf

    Me singin' "Human Nature" w/my guitar. Tell me what you think. :) hehe... Don't hesitate to add me up! :)
  13. mjlover4lyf

    What I've dedicated to Michael...

    "This Is It" - A song I've written for MJ. :/ "You Are Not Alone" - Me doing a cover of his song. Don't forget to rate and comment! thanks! :)
  14. mjlover4lyf

    Song I made for Michael....

    I want to share a song i made for Michael.. I posted it on youtube... Here's the link: Thanks.
  15. mjlover4lyf

    My Michael Jackson Tribute..

    Hello everyone.. I just wanted to share my tribute to MJ. My Michael Jackson cover of "YOU ARE NOT ALONE". Michael Jackson is the one of the most influential artists of all time. I have been a fan of him for almost 15 years and no doubt that he has...
  16. mjlover4lyf

    What's The Time?

    11:12 AM.... currently listening to IN THE CLOSET... :innocent: