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  1. Michael Jackson's Moonwalker Available to Buy on Amazon Prime

    For everyone who has been wanting to get a digital copy of Moonwalker it looks like Amazon is selling it now for $7.99 to own. If you want it I suggest getting it ASAP because it seems like with some MJ stuff one minute they are available to stream or buy and the next they aren't, but once you...
  2. D.S. (Audio)

    I like the song and of course the sentiment fighting back in his own way against Sneddon. But at times I find it way over repetitive. It needed some more verses and a bridge I think.
  3. What Changes Would You Make to Invincible's Track List?

    I would’ve retired the album to Unbreakable. Also without pulling from any B-Sides or Unreleased music I would’ve made the album shorter with this track order: 1. Unbreakable 2. Heartbreaker 3. Don’t Walk Away 4. Threatened 5. You Rock My World 6. Buttefflies 7. Speechless 8. Privacy...
  4. On which album do you like Michael's voice best?

    This is a great question because his voice did seem to change drastically from album to album. I think vocally my favorite is probably on BAD. Thriller is very close though.
  5. Most beautiful ballad on Invincible

    Don’t Walk Away punches me in the heart every single time. His voice and the lyrics are flawless.
  6. your fav song of Michael written by himself alone?

    ‘Who Is It’ is mind blowing. It’s my favorite song ever.
  7. Thriller vs Dangerous

    Dangerous is his greatest album in my opinion. I feel that it was his creative peak. I mean the songs are so incredible and I believe it had 11 hit singles off a 14 track album! That’s incredible!
  8. Poll: Michael Jackson's Greatest Album Opener

    This is a toss up between BAD and Jam for me. I honestly don’t think I can choose. It would literally be a flip if a coin.
  9. 2000 Watts VS Heartbreaker.

    Heartbreaker is amazing to me! 2,000 Watts is a fun one to hear with friends though cause it shows them more of Michael’s ability vocally and musically.
  10. Is Billie Jean really the best MJ song?

    Not in my opinion. Not even in my Top 10. I would put Stranger In Moscow, Will You Be There, Smoot Criminal, Man In The Mirror, Who Is It, and so many more above Billie Jean. But I do understand those that put that at #1 because it was groundbreaking when it came out and he created the greatest...
  11. HIStory Album Anniversary Poll :DDD

    Well this isn’t an easy question, but if I was forced to only pick one song it’s Stranger In Moscow. It really explains a lot of how I feel inside too. I completely understand the sentiment. The video is also just incredible. His facial expression and the slow rain really creates an amazing...
  12. Best concert closer

    Man In The Mirror will always be my favorite closer and one of my favorite songs also.