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  1. Austin Brown's Song On His Myspace!!!

    Hey Christina!!! Austin is sounding real good.:)
  2. The Jackson 5 Thread

    I`ve been a fan of J-5 for the past 36 years. I had the priviledge to them in concert back in 1975 when they did their Vegas act. My favorite songs of the Jackson Five is as follows.. 10. Mama`s Pearl 9. I Want You Back 8. The Love You Save 7. I`ll Be There 6. Dancing Machine...
  3. What is your favorite concert entrance?

    I also love the entrance in MJ`s "Dangerous" concert. As a matter of fact my husband and I watched it last night.:)
  4. The Person Below Me....

    Re: The person below me.... No,thank goodness:) TPBM is in a good mood?
  5. Recent Pics Of Joe & Katherine At Hayvenhurst

    Nice photos!!:)
  6. What is mj's best closer

    Re: what is mj's best closer This was a hard one,but I chose "The Lady In My Life".:)
  7. What Is Mj's Best Opening Song From Each Album

    Wanna Be Startin` Something:)
  8. What Is Mj's Most Inspirational Song

    Man In The Mirror,most definitely.:)
  9. Jackie Jackson could have been a Bee gee

    That was a nice song. He sound so much like Barry Gibb.:)
  10. Paradise for my buddies

    Hi everybody:)
  11. The Person Below Me....

    Re: The person below me.... :lol: No tpbm is hungry?
  12. The Person Above Me

    :) ^ is a MJ fan
  13. Which is your favourite Jackson album?

    7. 2300 Jackson Street 6. Victory 5. The Jacksons` Live 4. Destiny 3. Triumph 2. The Jacksons 1. Going Places(my favorite Jacksons album)
  14. J5 or Jacksons

    Exactly!! I agree with you 100%:)
  15. Who is your favourite Jackson Brothers.

    I`m a long time fan of the brothers(35 years) so I admire all of them.:)
  16. New Tito Picture...

    Tito looks good.
  17. Best song written by Rod Temperson

    The Lady In My Life is a beautiful ballad
  18. MJ Album with best VOCALS

    Thriller all the way!!:)
  19. Ultimate Song Game

    Tears Of A Clown- Smokey Robinson and The Miracles