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  1. Invincible2k1

    A Michael Appreciation Post

    Have you ever had someone speak to your heart and to your spirit? I mean REALLY speak to it? You just feel it so deep within that it's almost unbelievable. Michael does that to me. His music hits me right square in the feels-box (lol) all the time. Right down to the bone. Tonight, as I listened...
  2. Invincible2k1

    The Michael Jackson Stamp Petition!

    This isn't originally my idea, for I am just passing along information from a friend! I have a friend who is starting a petition to get a U.S. stamp made for Michael (which is a fantastic idea to me!) and needs as many signatures possible! The goal is a thousand and the petition ends Monday...
  3. Invincible2k1

    Howdy! New Member Here! :D

    Well, hello! I'm new to the forum! I guess you could say I'm a sort of new fan, also, in both senses that I belong to this current generation of young folks and that I found my love for Michael in the recent past. My interest in Michael actually began shortly before he died, when I heard he was...