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  1. Expanded Jackson 5/Jacksons Albums

    Hey everyone, Just wondering, has there ever been any expanded/special/deluxe editions of the Jackson 5/Jacksons albums that include "new" songs/demos? Not bothered about remixes. Thanks, - Dan.
  2. Thriller 40

    Can we talk about this? Do we know what the track list is for the bonus disk? Any surprises? Do we know anything about the 'new' tracks?
  3. Michael Album Appreciation Thread

    Woahhh!! Hold on! Hear me out! Aside from the Cascio tracks (which despite the disgusting, money-grabbing nature of them - objectively speaking, I think they're decent songs - I do not agree with them though!), I feel the album was great. Some great tracks were chosen and I think the remixing...
  4. Cascio Tracks at Least Written by MJ?

    Hi all just a quick question, we all know the Cascio Tracks do not feature Michael Jackson on vocals, but were any of the tracks at least written by Michael or is it all just completely fabricated? Thanks, ~Dan~
  5. Gratitude Thread

    Hi everyone. I struggle sometimes to stay happy, do you?. I have anxiety and the biggest cause of that is change. Everyday I have a longing for comfort, routine and familiarity. When things suddenly change such as, breaking up with a partner, moving house and even sometimes being out of the...
  6. "Music & Me" and "Music & Me" confusion!

    Hi everyone I maybe completely late to this party but just in case there are people like me who had no idea about this, I'd thought I'd post it. I have been a fan for YEARS and had no idea about this until 2 minutes ago. "Music & Me" always confused me as it was a studio album that contained...
  7. Let's Our Definitive MJ Album!

    There's a great thread about re-sequencing the Invincible album and it got me thinking. Build your definitive MJ studio album. The album you build won't be a "greatest hits" collection, don't worry about the time it was released, this is all hypothetical, what if imagine these are all "new...
  8. Ultimate Album Shootout!

    Hi everyone! I want to know what you're favorite Michael Jackson album is! This includes all the Jackson 5 and the Jacksons stuff on equal ground for this Poll. I will voting in a couple of days as I will spend those days re-listening to everything in order! At the minute from memory, mine is...
  9. Rare Songs/B-Sides?

    Hi everyone, I was just wondering if Michael had many B-Sides or rare tracks. I mean tracks that were officially released but people often forget about or forget were released. I'm not talking about tracks on the Ultimate Collection and albums like that. I have a list below but I wonder if...
  10. Confession: I have only just started listening to The Jacksons and Jackson 5

    Hi everyone. I have been an MJ fan since I was 8 years old. I know Michael's music, performances and works like the back of my hand. I can tell you which track is on which album and what year it came out and I know every twist and turn in every song, as I am sure most of us here do too...
  11. I was on Hot or Not Season 2!

    Hi everyone! I had the amazing opportunity to take part in a YouTube show called Hot or Not! You can check it below! I hope you enjoy what I did! ~Dan~
  12. Any Musicians want to collaborate?

    Hi, I love producing music and making music as well as making music with other people. I was wondering if there is anyone he who also makes music and if there are any musicians here who want to make some music with me? Nothing serious or anything, I don't make music professionally, just for...
  13. How did Michael know Frank Casico?

    Hi guys, does anyone know how Michael met Frank Casico and his family? How did they know each other? Thanks, ~Dan~
  14. Did Michael have Perfect Pitch?

    Hi everyone. Michael's precision with his voice was incredible and unparalleled. He seemed to be able to sing anything, exactly on point. I was wondering if anyone knew if he had perfect pitch, or he just naturally practiced from doing it since he was so young? ~Dan~
  15. Come Back to the X Concert Details?

    Hi there, As you all know back in 2018 there was a terrible hologram concert called "Come Back to the X". I was just wandering if anyone had any details? I'm specifically looking for a set list but any information would be great. Thanks, ~Dan~
  16. My New Album - The World Must Be Green

    Hi everyone! My new album, The World Must Be Green will be released on OCTOBER 21, 2019. The environment is something I care very deeply about and I am trying to fight the cause in my own way. The album will be availble for free on YouTube, however if you decide to purchase the album...
  17. My New Song!

    Hi there! I just released a new song called "Nautilus" You can hear some of my other songs on that YouTube channel or on any major streaming platform! I love making music an it's always a pleasure when I get to share it! :) If you also make music, let me know! I'd love to hear your stuff...
  18. Comeback to the X Concert

    Hi there, I was just wondering if anyone had any information about the Shanghai Hologram concert? Because I can't find any information on it at all. Not even a setlist. Thanks, ~Dan~
  19. What is "special" about the Dangerous Special Edition?

    Hi guys, I have always wondered what made the Dangerous Special Edition a "Special Edition" and not just a re-release? Anyone know? Thanks, - Dan.
  20. Prince and Michael Jackson Duet?

    Okay, so I saw a post on here asking if Michael and Prince were friends or had a rivalry and it reminded me of something. I was listening to Prince's version of "La La La Means I Love You" from Emancipation and I heard Michael in the background vocals (as a child) and I know that The Jackson 5...