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  1. Hot topic Thriller 40th Anniversary

    That`s an easy one, I think.. he hired real movie directors for his video's, like John Landis, Martin Scorsese and others. So production quality would be at it`s highest, including the usage of real film camera`s!
  2. Bad was supposed to replace wdan

    Michael`s voice had been having difficulties since the Triumph tour, so I believe this to be more of a vocal thing. Just thinking about how he sang 'Baaaaaaaaad, I`m BAD...' on Yokohama en also Beat it, I believe he knew it would become too much for his vocal cords in the long run. MJ`s energy...
  3. New MJ content (Possibility)

    Yes, I read that too in the booklet of the Anniversary boxset! Yeah, and there were LA89 ready-for-release concert edits, so they were stored securely for sure! Besides, there are still film reels and (judging from recent eBay adventures) there actually were regular soundboard recordings from...
  4. Bad was supposed to replace wdan

    Those belts really make it look like BAD tour, yes! Reason sounds legit.. Mike started doing BAD on playback during second leg of BAD Tour. During Dangerous tour he scrapped Beat it, because it became too hard. Sounds plausible :-)
  5. The estate hates us

    Well, during pandemic... there actually WAS/IS a lot of time to work on material. Everybody is inside or close to home... working with a few people. What do archivist do? They work with select people (if not alone) doing archival work.. that`s just what we need for those videotapes and reels...
  6. Does someone have a screenshot of the deleted tweet from MJ's account?

    That would be really bad taste.. The estate knows fans are kinda angry with them, so this would only make things worse.. I think it`s a fake. And also: no notification received...
  7. Bad tour LA

    Very true.. even the chance that the estate will release it at one point is very possible, since they had this concert ready for release way before BAD25.
  8. Bad tour LA

    Well, auction is gone already...
  9. Bad tour LA

    Is there any way a form of crowdfund would be allowed to speak about here? (With rules from admin team, I mean)
  10. Question: MJ bad tour Belgium (Werchter) 23/08/1988

    Roughly translated: Which concert wasn`t worth it`s money? In 1988 I saw Michael Jackson at Werchter because I had to do an interview for the VRT (National Television). Very strange. It seemed extraordinary difficult for Michael to keep singing live and dance at the same time. So his vocals...
  11. A Film Release Of Michael Jacksons Bad Tour 1988/89! PETITION | All help needed!

    Then how come so many news stations got editorial tapes with good enough/excellent audio?? That audio came from the just recorded U-matic ;) I really think the estate just popped in an early 88 tape-or something, and became scared of the audio.. (just think of Rome or Tokyo.. they have issues...
  12. A Film Release Of Michael Jacksons Bad Tour 1988/89! PETITION | All help needed!

    Umatic was still an industry standard when it came to fast editing/archiving.. they also updates the specs of the system one or two times. I`m rather certain they used BETA by the time they got in `89 LA. There`s more detail in that footage.
  13. A Film Release Of Michael Jacksons Bad Tour 1988/89! PETITION | All help needed!

    If this thing works out, it could very well be the last BAD related product for generations to come. Ofcourse we should focus on 4K, since every 4K release also gets a regular bluray and dvd release, the 4K user base shouldn’t be the problem. It wasn’t for INXS, which isn’t bigger than MJ ;)...
  14. Michael did the Smooth Criminal lean in Kansas, 1988 ?

    It is not known how many times they rehearsed the thing, but Mike is known for being unstoppable.. it could simply be that his choreographer decided to spare his energy. He and other choreographers are known to go 'full out' in MJ`s videos so there`s probably a reason for the difference in...
  15. Michael did the Smooth Criminal lean in Kansas, 1988 ?

    The Dangerous/HIStory stages had the Lean-connection built-in from the bottom of the stage. The BAD tour stages never had any holes to accommodate for such grappling hooks. They aren`t visible on any picture of the stage! Can`t imagine Michael using a wooden board on stage itself.. probably...
  16. New Unreleased Demos from MJ & Rodney Jerkins

    Yeah, YRMW demo.. and some -1sec snippets. The other guy mentioning "oh, you doing the old skool radio dialing now eh?'.. Quite annoying to pick up anything.
  17. 1984 Pepsi Commercial in 4K

    Just.. WOW.. imagine late Destiny/Triumph/Victory footage in this quality. This is how MJ would look in glorious 4K (or even 8K if they went ahead, lol, not happening though..)