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  1. History 1996 Manila Audio Released on Spotify

    Not sure what to say about this? Obviously a bootleg, how on earth could it end up among his albums on Spotify?
  2. Estate, Cascio and Porte Sued Over Three Songs on the "Michael" Album - Vera Senova Class Action

    Estate, Cascio and Porte Sued Over Three Songs on the "Michael" Album - Vera Senova Class Action Sued for: Violations of the consumers legal remedies act Unfair competition Fraud Michael Jackson -- Fan Sues Estate ... I Don't Hear Enough MJ on His Disc One irate Michael Jackson fan is suing...
  3. New video stills of MJ, Brad, MP and Bruce Swedien IN STUDIO posted on The Kore on FB!

    Throwback Fridays….. The "A" Team ! MJ, Bruce, Brad and me. Source: Awesome stills - clearly from a video. No information was shared on it, Which year do you think it is? Looks fairly recent to me. These are the guys who...
  4. Days In Gloucestershire Thread

    Days In Gloucestershire Thanks to moonball29 for the album art. Leaked 4th Mars 2014, it was among the songs on the Sony server that were considered for the Michael album. Traders kept hold on ever since 2010. Jackson 5 visit to Gloucestershire inspires unreleased Michael Jackson...
  5. The "Slave To The Rhythm" Thread

    We needed a proper Slave To The Rhythm thread! Leaked in 2010 after a German DJ called "DJ Stolen" got hold of it illegally. The version leaked is re-produced version by Tricky Steward, and was meant for the Michael album in 2010, but didn't make the cut (insane). Originally, it was produced...
  6. A place with no name has just been leaked in full!

    A Place With No Name - Has just been leaked in full! This is so amazing, guys, I am really shaking writing this Edit: My take: ??A Place With No Name - Lyrics [Verse 1] As I drove across on the highway My jeep began to rock I didn't know what to do, so I stopped, then got out, and...
  7. Michael Jackson Planned a Halloween TV Special In 2009

    Michael Jackson&#8217;s 2009 Halloween TV special that never was, but still could be! <header style="color: rgb(51, 51, 51); font-family: Garamond, Baskerville, Georgia, 'Times New Roman', Times, serif; font-size: 16px; line-height: 24px;"> </header> It&#8217;s that time of year again. That...
  8. Xscape General Discussion

    Maybe it's time for a new thread in this section, regarding everything to do with the upcoming MJ project? New tweets from Al Berry: Al Berry ?@altberry 21 Aug Just finished A session for a Michael Jackson project.. Laid down some funky bass ! #LoveMusic Al Berry ?@altberry 7h Lips are...
  9. Michael Jackson - Live At The Apollo In 2002; Full Audio Now Available!

    <header sab="2276">Listen to Michael Jackson&#8217;s full 2002 performance at the Apollo Theatre here. <!-- .entry-meta --> </header> Audio from Michael Jackson&#8217;s last official performance in front of a live audience...
  10. MJ singing verse 2 of WBSS live in History tour - which concert? Anyone have this?

    He sings this live isntead of the third "normal live verse". You Love To Pretend That You're Good When You're Always Up To No Good You Really Can't Make Him Hate Her So Your Tongue Became A Razor Someone's Always Tryin' To Keep My Baby Cryin' Treacherous, Cunnin', Declinin' You Got My Baby...
  11. Tabloid Junkie - Bridge: What is MJ singing/mumbling?

    I opened a thread on this on MaxJax before it got closed down (with no legit replies). I just can't seem to hear what he is singing in some parts, it's almost impossible with no a cappella but I'm sure someone with some skills can something out of it. It's from around 3:05 to 3:22, please help...
  12. [TV ALERT] Michael Jackson - «The Immortal World Tour», le documentaire [Unseen MJ Footage]

    Calling out French fans! A French documentary called "Michael Jackson - «The Immortal World Tour», le documentaire - Toute une soirée avec Michael Jackson" was aired yesterday on the French TV channel "ARTV". It included lots of clips of MJ performing, and especially an unseen clip where he...
  13. !!All In Your Name - Studio Footage [2002]!!! * SONG RELEASED * NEW CLIP #3 ADDED pg 31

    ENJOY! Ruo8JetOex8 Source: Simply amazing.
  14. A song where MJ sings "Doggone!" with a rough voice?

    Need help. Please just name the songs you remember him singing that in! No live singing.
  15. And Here It Is: Jason Malachi's Long-Time Producer Spills The Beans

    KRfzf8KT2sc No attacks, please :)
  16. >>>New leaked song "Stop" - 1.14 Min!!<<<

    Wow! I have no information on this track but it's awesome! :punk: Sounds like a demo or something, EDIT: NO LINKS PLEASE-TEAM MJJC What about Youtube link? The song is not going to be on the album,
  17. Michael Jackson - Remixed Supergold Malasiya - Official?

    Topic says it all. Anyone knows if this is 100% official? It was only "released" in Malasyia.
  18. Doesn't this remind you of Wait by The Jacksons?

    It's the intro of DuckTales (in Norwegian though)
  19. Finally got it! - The Hits Talk -

    Finally managed to get a copy of "The Hits", still sealed. I had been searching for it since the release (13th July?) as it was only released in the UK. It was after a very short time taken off the shelves. I don't really know the reason. Just wanted to show you.. Anyone else own it...