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  1. TheDutchApplehead

    Artist Vs. Artist.

    Gaga vs Madonna =) TheDutchApplehead
  2. TheDutchApplehead

    What are You eating?

    Nothing! hehee, its about 1:35 in the night here, so imma head to bed, and dream about Mister Michael J. Jackson. TheDutchApplehead
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    What would you prefer for Murray...4 years OR never to be able to practice medicine anymore?????

    Jail and his medical license away? gee....that aint enough.... make it a "murray on tour, each week, he's on a diffrent huge square somewhere in the world, just to pleasure MJ fans, " Like i said in a other post, put him on a giant square, where a lot of people come each and everyday, let them...
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    The Last Person to Post in This Thread Wins

    Re: The last person to post here wins! Who's winning?
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    *** Welcome! We want to hear from YOU! ***

    I like it, i love this....seriously =) Go Team! TheDutchApplehead
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    Why do they call us crazy?!

    When i was 8/9 years old. i never dared to tell anyone of my classmates i was a Michael Jackson fan, i would get bullied... and people thought i was weird.... they would think "Gee, how can you like a guy...who goes from black to white...and with such weird nose" Now i am 18 years old...and...
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    Dutch & Belgian MJ fans

    Re: Dutch MJ Fans Owwww yeaaa!!! My fellow Dutch Fans, see you on Saturday @ A'dam! we are gonna rock the house! I WANNA ROCK WITH YOUUUU! ALL NIGHT!!! DANCE YOU IN THE SUNNNNLIGHTTT I WANNA ROOOCK WITH YOU ALL NIGHT!! GONNA ROCK THE NIGHT AWAYYYY!! hehehehe, Shamone! TheDutchApplehead
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    Tom Barrack on Plans for Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch

    I so hope this is true.... i would love to see it up close.... But yea, as many of you said, the most important part of Neverland = Michael, and he wont be there... Although, if he is in each of our hearts, he will be with us anyway
  9. TheDutchApplehead

    Dame Elizabeth Taylor passes away at 79 / Elizabeth Taylor Laid to Rest at Forest Lawn

    Michael has his best friend back. Now they can "snatch" presents from eachother again. =) god i enjoyed that x-mas video of MJ...with all his Supersoakers! Amazing! R.I.P. Michael
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    Now: new official puzzles :-)

    Oewh, i like! ehm! I LOVE =D ofcourse i's MJ hahaha =) TheDutchApplehead
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    Major Love Prayer - Worldwide Monthly Prayer Every 25th

    Re: Major Love Prayer - Worldwide Monthly Prayer For L.O.V.E. Wow this is beautiful! i didn't even know this excisted! everytime, i find out about something beautiful, it's over already... Well next the saddest day so....uhm...i will pray for him aswell, and now that i know this...
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    One rose for Michael Jackson

    I love this idea! i hope i can take part...if everything goes alright with a possible bank transfer.... if everything goes alright...ill be happy to take part aswell! xxx TheDutchApplehead
  13. TheDutchApplehead

    MJJCommunity WINNNNSSS!! The Official MTV O Music Award For Best Fan Forum

    I know when you "we" won i didn't join yet, but still Congrats MJJC!! this is a amazing site! Thanks Lorraine for recommending!! =) TheDutchApplehead xxx
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    Name That Michael Jackson Song A-Z

    Keep the faith... =)
  15. TheDutchApplehead

    My Hero.....

    ___________?§$$$$$$$§§?_ ___________§$$$$$$$$$$$$§? ___________??§§§$$$$§$$$$§? _____________?____§?§§$§$$§? ______________?___?_?§$$$$$$§ ________________?????§$$§$$§? ___????§?__________??§$$$$$§§? __?§$$$$?_??______§§§$§§§§§$$§ ? ___?§$$$§????_____?§$$$J§§§§§§ $$§...
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    here, check!! [IMG]

    here, check!! [IMG]
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    Michael's Sexy Side Profile!

    oeh la laa..... I looooooove his eyessss!!!! OMJ......this is really a OH MY JACKSON case instead of o my god hahahaha