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  1. ShipOfFools

    Less excitement over this album

    This may be controversial, but I'm going to state it. When Michael was released in 2010, I literally played the hell out of it for two years straight. I couldn't get enough of that album. Even though only 7 of the songs are proven MJ tracks, I still loved it. Xscape is clearly an even better...
  2. ShipOfFools

    Official Taylor Swift appreciation thread

    Surely I can't be the only one here who likes her music? I'm not a fan of most newer acts, but I think Taylor is genuinely talented. Her new album is brilliant, and for the past three albums, she's released pop masterpieces. I never believed she was country. What do you think of Taylor Swift?
  3. ShipOfFools

    Three elderly people dancing to Michael - video

    This is so cool. Proves that Michael has fans of all ages.
  4. ShipOfFools

    If you had to pick...Xscape, or Michael?

    Which album in your opinion, is the better posthumous album?
  5. ShipOfFools

    Tori Amos...any fans?

    I love Tori to death. I have all her albums and DVDs, and have been playing the hell out of the new album. She sort of lost the plot for a few years, but the new album reminds me of her classic material from 1992-2001. There is one track that feels like it could have been lifted off of From...