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  1. Dangerous1991

    Schmaze - Kickstarter

    Afternoon All, Posting this on behalf of a good friend of mine, starting the below for anyone interested or would like to back this kickstarter campaign - All appreciated ------------------------------------------------------ Afternoon All How many of your friends are because of a love of...
  2. Dangerous1991

    XSCAPE - Appreciating The Outcome

    I don’t post too often on MJJ, I don’t post much since Michael was with us, it’s not that my loyalty level has decreased, or my interest in the man himself, it’s just that as 99.9% of you will understand, it just ISN’T the same without Michael. I wanted to just...
  3. Dangerous1991

    MJ Victory Tour Pic

    Hi All, Has anybody got a high quality version of the below picture? Many thanks in advance people: