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  1. How would you make Thriller 40

    I guess I'd put those on the deluxe version, as well as a live album for the Victory concert.
  2. Let's end the confusion about MJ's unreleased tracks here

    So I'm confused about Best of Joy. Wasn't it supposedly recorded in 2008 or 2009 as the last song MJ ever worked on or something? But it was actually recorded in the 80s for Thriller and only had a few changes over the years? Are the vocals on the 2010 version the same as the vocals on the demo?
  3. How would you make Thriller 40

    I never cared for Behind the Mask tbh. The original Yellow Magic Orchestra version is better; it's not a track that ever needed vocals.
  4. How would you make Thriller 40

    Disc one: Original album remastered 1. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' 2. Baby Be Mine 3. The Girl is Mine 4. Thriller 5. Beat It 6. Billie Jean 7. Human Nature 8. PYT (Pretty Young Thing) 9. The Lady in My Life Disc two: Bonus material 1. Carousel 2. Got the Hots 3. Hot Street 4. Trouble 5. Nite...
  5. Speechless

    Song is too short. If the parts in between the acapella were longer, it might have been a true classic.
  6. Thriller 40th Anniversary - Songs Discussion

    Yeah but most of the stuff here we've already listened to lol
  7. Thriller 40th Anniversary - Songs Discussion

    Totally disappointing. There's no reason to include "Sunset Driver" or "Can't Get Outta the Rain" when they were already on The Ultimate Collection. I couldn't care less for "Behind the Mask", either. "Hot Street" not being on is also disappointing. And I was really hoping for the extended...
  8. Hot topic What unreleased demos and remixes do you think will be on Thriller 40 Disc 2?

    I'm out of the loop. Did they change the cheap looking logo yet
  9. Why the lip-synching?

    Didn't MJ almost always sing live until the Dangerous tour? By then, he was in his 30s, so I guess he was getting tired or something.
  10. Hot topic What unreleased demos and remixes do you think will be on Thriller 40 Disc 2?

    Captain EO was released in 1986, but it was filmed in 1985. Bad's music video and the Pepsi commercials were filmed in 1986. I consider Thriller era to be 1982-1985 and Bad to be 1986-1989.
  11. Why was everything out of place/wrong with Invincible?

    Not real rock, no. They are pop rock aka wannabe rock lol. I think the last popular real rock act was Foo Fighters and that was like what, 2005?
  12. The origins of "Whatever Happens"

    It's a decent song, and definitely the best track on Invincible, but it was too calculated and lazy for MJ; clearly he didn't have much input on the song itself, and he was jumping on the post-Supernatural Santana bandwagon. Him saying, "Thank you, Carlos" at the end was also unnecessary.
  13. Hot topic Thriller 40th Anniversary

    We have an idea of what the original "Another Day" sounded like, as there's leaked snippet that's long enough to tell us. The original version of "Hold My Hand" leaked in 2008 and isn't the same as the 2010 one. We've never heard the original "Best of Joy", but we know it's not the same as the...
  14. Hot topic Thriller 40th Anniversary

    I definitely prefer Xscape over Michael. Eight remixes of never before released songs beats three fake songs (Cascio tracks), a remix of a previously released demo ("The Way You Love Me") , a glorified Akon song ("Hold My Hand") and a blatantly incomplete song ("Hollywood Tonight"). That just...
  15. What are the next Top 10 most famous MJ songs?

    1. She's Out of My Life 2. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' 3. Human Nature 4. PYT (Pretty Young Thing) 5. I Just Can't Stop Loving You 6. Dirty Diana 7. Remember the Time 8. Will You Be There 9. Scream 10. You Are Not Alone Listed these in the order of their release. I think "Wanna Be Startin'...
  16. Hot topic Thriller 40th Anniversary

    I don't mind that they reused the old cover art, but the new logo sucks. Thriller 25's logo was much better.
  17. What were the original planned singles for Invincible?

    "Unbreakable" would have been a horrible choice for a single, imho. It wasn't radio-friendly at all; that sort of hard, heavily produced pop music was out of style in 2001. The recycled Biggie verse was creepy, too. "You Rock My World" was the right choice. It just needed to be released as a CD...
  18. Best version of The Way You Love Me

    I like the original demo better; it sounds more like an authentic MJ song. For a demo, it sounds pretty finished; the vocals are all there, but I guess the mixing needed to be polished up. Shame it didn't make the cut on Invincible; I'd have taken it over "Heaven Can Wait", and the fact MJ...