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  1. Artistic Decisions in Michael Jackson's Career That Are Questionable

    Hiring Sheryl Crow as backup vocalist... Her vocals in Billie Jean in Yokohama is an example why
  2. Artistic Decisions in Michael Jackson's Career That Are Questionable

    The Off The Wall medley in the HIStory Tour... Playback is already a let down, but doing it using the same vocals from when he was 20 years younger is too much. He could have at least re-record them with his adult voice.
  3. Artistic Decisions in Michael Jackson's Career That Are Questionable

    Another one... He took off Beat It for some concerts in 1993... It is one of his most iconic songs!!
  4. Artistic Decisions in Michael Jackson's Career That Are Questionable

    The live performances of the song "Dangerous" are boring and overrated to me. I don't understand why he decided to put the "Smooth Criminal" part. But the 1993 live performances are not that bad (especially the "I can not sleep alone tonight..." part)
  5. When was "Little Susie" actually recorded?

    How does it work to get a permission for listening those recordings?
  6. Michael Jackson Statue Gets Protection After Frequent Vandalism

    4400€ for that is beyond ridiculous. It's useful like it was built with Lego bricks
  7. Your Favourite Perfume?

    One Million Invictus Both made by Paco Rabanne
  8. The list of people, you want to avoid.

    Anyway, shows like South Park or Family Guy make fun of a lot of celebrities, not just Michael! It's their style to joke about everyone, so I think they shouldn't be on the list
  9. New MJ content (Possibility)

    Re: New MJ content? I'm not a "she", I'm a man! :) Anyway I acknowledge that the 80s sounds are coming back, Dua Lipa is another example of a singer who's using this kind of instrumentals. But she has her own style, she doesn't force herself to sound like Madonna or another big star of the...
  10. New MJ content (Possibility)

    Just because you're a fan of The Weeknd you don't have to defend what is indefensible... His vocal style and the 80s style instrumentals are the two obvious things to say he tries hard to be this decade's MJ but without any innovation. Plus, his live performances of Blinding Lights where he...
  11. New MJ content (Possibility)

    Re: New MJ content? Surely a duet with The Weeknd would give MJ a # 1 song again... But do we really need a song with a MJ wannabe? At this point put a vocal impersonator and let's pretend it's Michael... Oh, wait... they already did it a decade ago.
  12. Magazine adverts 1969-2009

    The last one is a cover and the Japanese one probably is an article, not adverts...
  13. Unpopular opinions about MJ’s music?

    Working Day And Night is probably one of his worst songs. Too long and too repetitive, especially the live version.
  14. Healing Prayers for Bruce Swedien

    Thank you Mr. Swedien for all the great work you did for Michael and for us. R. I. P.
  15. Which HIStory tour concerts do you want to see more than anything?

    I'm not a big fan of that tour, but I'd choose Milan 1997, just because it's in my country. And because I want to see in pro quality that part of BOTDF when he danced layed on the stage
  16. HWT South America

    Imagine if the Olodum band joined Michael on stage in Rio to perform a special version of They Don't Care About Us! That would have been one of the best moments of the HIStory Tour!
  17. Rank your favorite Michael era in following categories

    Hair 80s 90s (curly hair, not short like in the "You Are Not Alone" short film) 70s 00s Fashion 80s 70s 90s 00s Dancing 80s 90s 70s 00s Vocals 80s 70s 90s 00s Short films 80s 90s 00s 70s Live shows 80s 90s (Dangerous Tour > HIStory Tour) 70s 00s
  18. Which Dangerous version do you like better?

    Re: Which Dangerous version dou you like better? 1993 the best one