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  1. Stories in the Room: Michael Jackson's Thriller Album

    COMING SOON Releases November 30, 2022 Stories in the Room: MICHAEL JACKSON's THRILLER ALBUM, is the first season of the podcast series where the musicians, engineers, and producers of iconic albums, share their making-of stories from the studio. In season one, join film composer Anthony...
  2. Brett Barnes' first interview since 1993

    The MJ Cast announced an interview with Brett Barnes for the 13th June 2005 anniversary. This is his first interview since 1993
  3. An Open Letter From the Schleiter Family

    Hi, we are Franziska, Anton, Marlies and Wolfgang – brother and sister and our parents. We were close friends with Michael Jackson from childhood on. What we are about to say comes out of a place of great love and appreciation. If you would like to quote this text, please do not take it out of...
  4. Was LN trailer manipulated ?

    So, It seems that the trailer of LN was "fake". Michael Jackson was honoured at the Regent hotel on the 20th February 1990 and apparently recorded a message for Wade Robson "on his birthday". Wade's birthday is on the 7th of September!
  5. True or fake picture

    It seems to be in 2003, but it is fake or real ?
  6. An Unreleased Documentary....

    According to Pez Dann : " In 92 Michael invited cameramen into Neverland to film a documentary about his humanitarian efforts, over 11 hours of footage was captured of MJ meeting kids, talking to parents about how they’re coping and a 40 min interview with Michael himself, the footage remains...
  7. A Tunisian tribute to MJ with the "Zokra"

    For 25 June, a Tunisian has published a video that shows him performing TDCAU with An instrument named "Zokra" (I don't know the name in english)
  8. About The Bad Tour

    Hi it's my first Thread.. Bad Tour began in 1987 few months of Bad album's...when we look to the set list, IJCSY an Bad are diffrent from " Victory Tour " ..from michael song's. At 1988 in the set list there are Smooth Criminal and Man In the Mirror and The way you make me feel... Do you Think...