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  1. Michael Jackson's Kids Talk About Him 'All The Time'

    Then you don't know anything about Jackson 5.
  2. Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson Fans Face Off

    Just became a DOT!!! I'm dot #271662. I urge all MJ fans to sign up to reach the 1 million mark. Thanks Simply Magic for sharing this information.
  3. Update: Behind the Scenes on Jan 28th 8PM ET OWN Channel / Katherine Jackson May Be 'Oprah' Bound

    I like what you had to say. I'm not a huge Oprah fan either and also disagree with her on many issues. I found no fault with the interview except for her always asking about the molestation charges, which reminded me of something she said in her own interview when Barbara Walters asked her...
  4. MJ Business Genius (Forbes)

    Thought this was an interesting and intriguing read. I don't see it posted on here anywhere but it may very well be in another section of the forum. The comments under the article are interesting as well--sounds like a bunch of MJ fans. Enjoy... <OBJECT id=FLASH_0_1_1296121534564...
  5. Update: Alejandra responds /MJ Estate asking court to remove Alejandra and her kids from Hayvenhurst

    Re: MJ Estate asking court to remove Alejandra and her kids from Hayvenhurst Lawd, what's next? I haven't responded on the site for quite some time. However, this just makes me sick to my stomach--not because the chick wants to write a book, but I just feel so bad for Mrs. Jackson. While...
  6. Michael fastest selling mj album in 20 years!

    A lot of people in the US don't even know there's a new album out; heck, I wouldn't have known if I hadn't come to this board. I've seen a couple of commericials for it during the day time; but that's because I'm retired. Most people work during the day. I don't think advertisement has been...
  7. Most played song on the new album

    My absolute favorite on the album is Behind the Mask. That song has stuck in my head since I first heard it and I play it over and over. My other favorites are Hollywood Tonight, Another Day, Keep Your Head Up, and Best of Joy. Oh hell, let's just say the whole album (lol). I can play the...
  8. BAD 25 - 2012 - General Discussion [Closed] please cont. discussion in BAD25 Announcement thread

    Re: Bad tour dvd coming! MY FAVORITE MJ TOUR--live singing, dynamic dancing--WHOOP! WHOOP!
  9. The Official "I Got My Album" Thread. Discuss Your Reactions Here!

    Rec'd my copy of the album today. Love it. Don't know what all the controversy is about (haven't participated on the site in a while), but every song sounds like Mike to me. There's something about the 'grain' in his voice that is instantly recognizable. Until I'm proven wrong, I'll just...
  10. 'This is It' ww estimate $101 million

    Didn't see this posted anywhere: WW Box office estimate total 101 million domestic 32.5 million foreign 68.5 million
  11. The Media is Addicted to Michael Jackson - Bullet#335

    I've been thinking this since Mike's death. You put it into words much better than I could have. Most lupus sufferers don't live very long lives. Plus, I don't see how Mike could have passed an exhaustive physical if he were the drug addict they're making him out to be. The lack of sleep...
  12. Geraldo

    That doctor did a whole program with Larry King. Isn't he giving away confidential information? Isn't Mike's medical history supposed to be private? He waits until Mike dies to go on national TV and talk about Mike, his kids and Debbie. The Jacksons should sue his behind. Mike truly...
  13. Geraldo

    I've been thinking that lupus played a big part in Mike's death. Lupus sufferers don't have a long life span. The stress may have contributed some; but for the most part I'm thinking lupus played a bigger part. But like you said, we should wait on the toxicology report. And, I believe...
  14. Whoopi Goldberg defends Michael Jackson tooth and nail!

    Who's a cow and ugly? Certainly not Whoopi. Whoopi is not ugly. She's the most natural African American on TV and Whoopi has always been a supporter of Mike. She even narrated the Captain EO thingy that was shown on TV. I'm sure footage of this will come out soon if not already. As far as...
  15. Quincy Jones' recollections of Michael

    Q's just mad cause Mike didn't call his ass to produce any album after 'Bad.' I've always had a feeling Q was pissed off at Mike and that he and Oprah talk about Mike like a dog behind his back. Now I can respect Q's contribution to music, but as a person, he had a lot of short comings as far...
  16. Anything about DEBBIE ROWE keep it in here

    Re: DEBBIE ROW "i want custody" lol--I believe she is. but I also believe she will not get custody even if she wants it.
  17. Michael Jackson Worldwide Chart Performance Thread

    anybody know what MJ has sold worldwide since his death?
  18. Londell McMillan on LKL in 30 minutes!

    Hi ATLF. I was just thinking the same thing. She is really getting on my nerves. I think we should all just wait on the T report. Everybody and their mama are looking for their 15 minutes of fame. For some reason, I don't believe this woman; this drug isn't even given outside of a hospital...
  19. Frank Dileo

    omg; Grace said this in an interview?