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  1. HTWF: "Hijacking the Jackson estate"

    Back on topic .. HTWF WTF! What a hypocritical behaviour! :doh: I guess T-Mez knows very well what to do .. not support Melissa Johnson!
  2. HTWF: "Hijacking the Jackson estate"

    ^^ 1. Question Disbandment In 2002, the Heal the World Foundation was suspended, after failing to file yearly accounting statements, required for tax-exempt organizations. Records showed that the foundation had net assets of $3,542 and reported $2,585 in expenses. The foundation did not...
  3. Brian Oxman

    :hysterical: Thank you, ivy! :wub: now I can go to bed and sleep without having nightmares of this bunch
  4. Brian Oxman

    If it were not that sad I would laugh. What a bunch of a**es! btw. Eddie, you know what, I will always judging someone who try to destroy Michaels legacy and I don't care if his last name is Oxman, Milofsky, Hughes or Jackson!
  5. Vote for Michael's songs as best songs ever!

    ^^After reading your post, I went (the first time) to his forum .. The admin is surely not objective. He can't handle the "trouble" that he alone caused: he should have had better/clear rules from the beginning or should simple re-name his site now to the best rock songs ever. The guy is a...
  6. MJJC Legacy Project - Media Advocacy E-Mail Alert System

    I couldn't find more information on their weekly TV guide (June 5 - 11) Only 2 pages in ^^date/time: "jeudi 24 juin à 22.35 h" (Thursday, June 24 at 22.35 p.m.) Documentaire de Martin Bashir. Réalisateur : Julie Shaw Nouvelle version 2009...
  7. Dr. Fripro Carr: What Really Happened to Michael Jackson?

    Re: Firpo Carr hears out the fans' agony! You have to thank rainny. 03-12-2009, 05:59 PM 15-12-2009, 01:16 AM Apart from this .. I agree with your comment!!! Some MJ fans should really think about whom they support!
  8. AEG contributes to Jerry Brown and Steve Cooley

    Yeah, unfortunately .. but it should not! Thank you Birchey :flowers:
  9. AEG contributes to Jerry Brown and Steve Cooley

    ^^ This happened when the source isn't mentioned! :(
  10. Muzikfactory2

    Memefan & honeysucklejasmine, I agree with you!
  11. Very true words about Oxman

    Since June there are so many supporters .. and not all handle in a selfless way .. you have to learn to distinguish "the bad" from "the good" ones .. therefore, I don't support anyone! Eddie, who means to do good things, but works side on side with ppl who will only profit from Michael like...
  12. Very true words about Oxman

    I apologise for quoting myself .. I want to add: communication on facebook $40-60 mil.? :doh: *rofl* Who will playing the part of Michael? Navy? All ppl "sitting on the round table" on Eddies show want to profiting of Michael! What a shame! But they point very quickly their fingers to others...
  13. Very true words about Oxman

    Yepp :cheeky: The first date has been postponed because they, if I remember correctly, it was Geraldine, didn't know the congress were closed on that day (summer break) *rofl* Now they march on September ... with Ox :smilerolleyes: ivy, on the last "show", Eddie even forgot the name of Janet as...
  14. Very true words about Oxman

    Part ThirtyFour - Planting Stories He had no scruple - as an laywer! - to tell this worldwide in every interview he can get. The answer is in the article: "This man imo sure likes to be in the spotlight and loves being the centre of attention." They get banned from his fb-admin. Yepp, the same...
  15. Jackson Stun Gun Snitch Revealed

    Maybe she is a witness? idk why now! She was in and out, in and out (Neverland + Encino) .. I hope now finally! (the kids don't like her any more) Do you remember that we searched for the video of her interview with Daphne Barack? Nothing, nothing to find on the net. And her first interview...
  16. Jackson Stun Gun Snitch Revealed

    Randy twittered about the source who gave information to the tabloids: "Oops – Did I say ‘her’… ? 1:31 PM Mar 4th via web" (not expressed directly, but meant Grace) One can assume now: 1.) the "real" source was fired 2.) those, who feared...
  17. Is Peter Lopez Suicide a Missing Link with Pop Star

    The interview was recorded 7 weeks after June 25th, 2009! In the meantime a lot happened .. his suicide may have many reasons and need not necessarily be in context with MJ.
  18. Nurse Cherilyn Lee Is a Liar and Possible Supporter of Dr. Murder Murray

    "Doctor" means not automatically a "doctor of medicine" .. and: many countries have their own requirements and rules ; Yepp, it's not that easy!
  19. Did you all know this about Brian Oxman?

    (RKL Germany ?? RTL Germany .. his admin should write his references correctly *gg*) Yes, I do know! Selling T-Shirt through his site (copyright? - maybe his new hate attacks against the estate depends on this), European Convenient in Milan with Shmuley, Tribute in Rome, his interviews (drug...
  20. Investor Group acquires Sony/ATV Music Publishing from Sony Corp

    Of course not. It was only a example in general what is daily buiness in high economic sectors (to inquire/to stay informed about the market value which does not automaticly imply bad intentions).